To the Woman that Isn’t Orgasmic…

Darling, this is a story you’ve been telling way too long. Every woman is orgasmic. Every woman has that fire within that burns in her very core.

Right now it might feel dim and be hard to locate but I promise that it’s there. It’s right there smoldering like an ember about to take flame. Read more

Siren’s Song

Sometimes I just need a break from spiritual growth and need to jump into some mindless entertainment. I recently was having one of these moments of needing to just escape the world, my feelings, and my head chatter and so decided to pick-up a fiction book. In the book the main character is turned into a siren. Greek mythology portrays Siren’s as women that were like mermaids that could also turn into winged creatures and would sing sailors to their deaths. These were women that were beyond gorgeous that had this entrancing song and way of movement that men couldn’t resist. Once a siren had a man in her grasps he was her’s to use. However, as these creatures are portrayed in the book I was reading, they are devastatingly beautiful until they are not fed, then they lose control and end up going straight for men’s hearts and tearing the man to bits.

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You say you don’t deserve her. You’re absolutely right!

She is a magnificent Goddess, and you haven’t earned her blessings. You don’t deserve how she glows with excitement when she is passionate about something or when she finds something humorous. You don’t deserve how she has that little-crooked smile that lights the whole fucking world on fire with the energy it projects.

You don’t deserve this part of her because instead of helping her reach deeper into that beauty, you pull her down in negativity, rationality, and facts. Your energy discourages her fire.

You don’t deserve how she worships you like a God in the bedroom and helps you reach the depths of your being with orgasm. You don’t deserve to see her depth in this way, in the midst of your lovemaking when she is at the edge of orgasm and vulnerability floods her face. You don’t deserve this beautiful exchange of energy and the love that she can’t help but share in these moments.

You don’t deserve it because instead of jumping in, you disconnect and use her as a sex toy. You steal this beauty and diminish her power in these moments. You instead use her, fuck her, and leave her body packing on the trauma that she will have to remove to get back to her light. You can’t handle her vulnerability and her true surrender.

You don’t deserve her funny little moments when she looks a mess, but is sexy as hell. You don’t deserve the openness of her heart in these moments or the tears that sometimes escape from her eyes. You don’t deserve to know the depths of those tears and that, no matter how magnificent she is, she still struggles with herself.

You don’t deserve it because you can’t truly hold it. You don’t want to truly hold her here because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. You don’t deserve it because you are the reason for some of those tears and you don’t care to take the time or effort to make things right. You don’t deserve an open heart when yours is so closed off.

You don’t deserve her mind. The mind that works a mile a minute with new ideas. Beautiful fantasies, desires, and ways to make the world a better place. You don’t deserve to know her thoughts. Thoughts that are both complex, silly, spiritual, and at times dark.

You don’t deserve it because you don’t truly listen; you judge, and you pull her imaginings apart like you are scolding a child. You pull her back to earth with your ‘knowledge’ and reality. You don’t treat her mind like the beautiful feminine resource it is, and you diminish her with your hyper-masculine.

NO, you currently don’t deserve her! But she chose you for a reason. You are a deserving person but need to wake up and see her beauty. You need to step into your divine masculine and see her as the Goddess she is and then, and only then will you truly have earned her in all the ways she needs to be earned. You need to cherish her, encourage her, see her, hold her, and devour her… then you will deserve her. Then she will reopen her heart, her mind, and her body to take you to a new depth that you have yet to experience. Then you will have earned her magnificent light!

But there is work required, and until you start to do that work… You don’t deserve her!

I Asked For My Sexual Trauma

This is the article I have been feeling reluctant to write. This is the article that I have sat on for years because it just feels too open and honest. Yet this is the article my soul needs me to write, and my spirit says that it’s time. My Facebook feed has been filled with a trend happening of announcing you’ve been impacted by sexual abuse or assault by writing “Me Too.” So here goes, in my opinion, hate my opinion, but it’s what it is: Read more

Psychedelic Awakening (Adventure Session Testimony)

” I was so impressed with the attention that Addison took in my recent adventure session. I had been feeling blocked and shackled by so many things that had occurred over the last year to 18 months in my life and Addison suggested we do an adventure session where I would turn myself over to her guidance and let her help unshackle me from my fears, my doubt, my shame, and my resistance to allow help. So I agreed.

The session started out at the entry of the destination where she had items lined up for me to transfer the homework that she had given me. Once I got everything done in this stage she had told me to put a blind fold on and called out that I was ready to venture forward. She came to my side and guided me delicately to another space where she had me breathe and remove my garments. Then she took me through a deeply emotional process of feeling all the weight that I had been carrying and asked me if I wanted to relieve myself of this. As I gained trust in the moment and in myself I began to remove each weight and finally asked for her help to clear myself of all that I had been carrying.

From there she took me through a sensory exploration of releasing each layer that had been stunting me.The process she took me through allowed with deep permission for my awakening, revealing the new beautiful layers of my heart, soul and physical self. A few hours passed and after she cradled me in love and spoke affirmations of strength, beauty, healing and revelation to me she removed my blindfold and I found myself carried away to a psychedelic land of positive vibes. I stood naked before a mirror, with glow in the dark paint on my flesh, a beautiful light show before me, words I had desired to own for myself written in glow in the dark ink on the mirror and her soft voice of encouragement that I deserved and could have it all.

This adventure session was one of the most deeply profound sessions I have ever experienced with a tantric guide. I am in eternal gratitude for Addison’s care, attention and guidance in helping me move forward in a difficult time of my life.”-Renee, Dallas TX


Addison’s Additions: When I received this testimony I was overjoyed to hear that it was an enjoyable and transformative experience but I’d like to say that this adventure session was not just a profound experience for this woman but also for me. During this particular session I saw this magnificent women in ways that I had never experienced her as she allowed herself to open into a vibrant energy. I was thrust into my own adventure during her session as we worked through completely separate but connected experiences. In adventure sessions the person receiving is ALWAYS the creator. I provide the space, the tools, but it would have meant nothing without the energy, the beauty, and the opening of this dear soul. I was truly blessed to see and explore the energy and learned my own deep lessons throughout the process. This was one of the most profound sessions I have had the honor to be a part of in my practice. Thank you for sharing your beauty!

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