Tale as old as time….

I feel as my body melts into the ground below me as I become one with the earth. My breath begins to expand out and each exhale shakes the energies within.

I am engulfed by this energetic snake as it slides up my torso, leaving behind it a trail of fire and yet euphoric sensations throughout not just my physical body but my energetic body.

There is massive movement with even the slightest of gasps of air and despite my desire to restrict I drop even further in.

Finding the snake at my crown and my exhale sweeps me away.

Sweeps me suddenly away with the energies of others…

To another time, another place, with different bodies but the same energies. Energies that are timeless to me and that I recognize in my soul.

Once again we find this timeless dance.
Love that is stitched in souls… romantic, sisterly, and protective all combined in one scene.

A place where souls were forever changed.

The sensation of pure joy and playfulness enters my awareness as the unconditional nature of this love flows through me. Wanting to pause time and hold onto these feelings and these souls for just one breath more.

Just one more breath.
One more moment.
One more smile.
One more laugh.
One more second before we are all forever changed.

Knowing how this story goes…
Knowing the loss that plagues moments into this tale.
From running and playing with a belly full of laughter to fear and death. To loneliness and a forever search through time and space for what was once known.

A pure love
A sisterhood
A protector
A oneness
A deep belonging

To find each other over and over in different spaces. To play out the same dynamics… until we find our way.

The tale that is as old as time that we each come back too.

Energies as old as time
Energies that must be acknowledged and experienced in vastly different ways for each to move forward.

Swirling energies that are both intense and comforting.

And each breath intensifies the energies as they disconnect from the time and space and simply ARE…

They are not connected to a physical body, time, or space. They simply swirl and dance…
I watch the colors dance all around and am awash in white opal light.

The same light I can catch a glimpse of from time to time in the gaze of an eye or energy of a laugh. In the space between words and the strings that pull at my heart.

And as I come back to my current form and feel the breath and breeze…
I feel the snake pushing ever forward in pursuit of its release. Breaking free from its entrapment within and breaking through its bindings.

It will be known and it will bite and burn whatever get’s in it’s way….

It hunger for the energies.

It hungers for the tale…

The tale as old as time.

Love, Light, & Blessings,


TᗩᑎTᖇIᑕ ᗷOᗪYᗯOᖇK E᙭ᑭᒪOᖇᗩTIOᑎ ᑭᗩᑕKᗩGE

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You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner! Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations! Crave to find healing…