If you want to grow as a human being then YOU need tantric sessions. In today’s society we do not go through life without shame, energy depletion, and some form of trauma. Our bodies, mind, and spirits are in need of integration and a way to lean into our deeper selves. Tantra allows us to find this depth and explore it in an expansive way.

This program is broken up into 4 or 8 session series where you will be guided through different sessions to expand. You will leave this program feeling lighter in energy but more connected to self as we clear blocks and reawaken energies.

Some specific benefits to sign up for the Expansive Tantric Coaching Program:

Reconnecting with Your Body: We live in a world where we are taught to walk about totally disconnected from the neck down. A tantric session allows you to be led to really connect with your own body and all its juicy sensations. You’ll go beyond merely connecting with your body, however; you also get a chance to reconnect with your sexual energy. This time spent with your body will reinvigorate all of your systems, and you will find that you not only have a greater connection with your genitals but also with your toes, your belly, the top of your head, the tips of your finger, etc. You get to experience your body in a way you likely never have before.

Release stored Trauma & Emotions: Our bodies are quite intelligent and will store memories, trauma, and emotions in many different areas. Dr. Peter Levine, the creator of Somatic Experiencing, writes in his book, “Waking the Tiger” about situations in the wild where animals get hurt. As a coping mechanism, they literally will shake/vibrate in order to burn off the negative energy and not carry that trauma around in their systems. As humans we instead hold this trauma in our bodies. Trauma to our systems can be big events such as rape and abuse but it also includes all the daily irritations, emotions, and events that stir up our limbic system. When you experience tantric bodywork the practitioner can begin to remove some of these previously held blocks in the system.

Focus on Yourself: Often in our lives we use a sort of commerce when it comes to sexual pleasure or we tend to overly focus on our partner’s pleasure. During a bodywork session you are encouraged to focus solely on your body and your pleasure. You don’t have to worry about the practitioner and therefore are able to have a very unique sensual experience. Again, you get a chance to tune into your body and your emotions alone. You can take advantage of a space where you are entirely selfish and simply receive.

Expand your Orgasmic Potential: If you are already connected to your body and sexual energy then a Tantric Bodywork session can help you reach a new level of orgasmic potential. Orgasms can be genital, but you can also experience emotional orgasms, energy orgasms, spiritual orgasms, etc. There is truly no limit on the pleasure that the human body/mind can provide. Why stop at subpar orgasms when you can continue to expand and experience a whole new perspective on orgasmic energy?

Experience Sacred Space: How often do many people really take the time to create sacred space and enjoy this space? The answer is not enough, and a Tantric Bodywork session allows you to experience the wonder of being in a safe and sacred space with another person. You get to relax into all the juicy little moments and secure the energy of the space. It gives you a chance to be worshipped as the beautiful divine creature that you are!

No Judgment And its Vegas!: Any good tantric practitioner is going to be able to create a very non-judgmental and safe atmosphere just like you would experience if you went to a therapist. There is only love and appreciation for the divine being that is in the space and that energy. You can cry, yell, laugh, or ask “embarrassing” questions… and not faze me (or other practitioners) one bit. A good practitioner is going to treat sessions with complete confidentiality. That means that you are able to relax more fully without worrying about what neighbors, or family, or friends are going to think or how they would react.

There are many benefits of Tantra, and I have seen it truly change people’s lives and relationships.

Inquire with Addison for more information regarding sessions.

The list of benefits goes on and on, but instead of just reading about them… go book a session!!!

You will only ever know the true power of Tantra if you give yourself the permission to experience this wonderful life changing practice!