1:1 Action-Oriented Coaching Sessions

These sessions are for those that want to approach their healing and expansion in a totally new way!

New souls contact me after years of working on the same emotional, physical, sexual and relationship blockages. Usually they state that they have “tried it all” and spent thousands of dollars just to feel like they never get any traction.


Most coaches approach healing and growth from a mind-based perspective which can only take our healing so far and simply never truly ingrains for people who have a more action-oriented learning process. Then there are the coaches and practitioners that only want to focus on the energy but leave out the day-to-day tangible changes and steps that need to be taken.

~People come to me craving something NEW!~


So I’ve decided to share not just a modality but one of my passions and a technique that truly changes lives.


Actually in my younger years it saved my life at one point! When nothing else could get through to be and get me to finally break through Tantra and Action Oriented Processing is what released years of inner baggage!


And again and again I see how impactful it is on clients!!


No one else in the United Stated is doing this particular blended work and it is MASSIVELY POWERFUL!!!

This work Addison is doing is not like anything I've experienced. With just two Integrative sessions I've made noticeable progress in areas I've struggled for years. These shifts were so evident that even my regular (traditional) therapist asked what I'd been doing & recommended that I didn't need to attend regular sessions with her as often. This is HUGE...did I mention I had been working on this for years? All I had to do was show up and let myself be seen. But Addison's tender spirit and intuitive leadership created a space that made it safe to finally do the work that leads to actual healing.

-Shawna (Dallas TX)


Unlike any other practitioner that I know…


These sessions mix Tantra, with Action Oriented Healing, with Straight-up Coaching!


It doesn’t matter what area of your life you are wanting to expand and heal…

  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Worthiness
  • Self-Love
  • Purpose and Joy


These unique sessions will guide you into a new level of expansion and make lasting changes!


WARNING though… if all you want to do is sit on your butt and talk… Not expand your mind… And not push outside of your comfort zone…


Then these sessions are not for you!

But if you want to create lasting change

To see and remove blocks in a new way

And truly shine!!


Then fill out and application to join Addison’s Elite Group of 1:1 Clients Engaging in


Tantric Expansion In Action Sessions