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This work Addison is doing is not like anything I've experienced. With just two Integrative sessions I've made noticeable progress in areas I've struggled for years. These shifts were so evident that even my regular (traditional) therapist asked what I'd been doing & recommended that I didn't need to attend regular sessions with her as often. This is HUGE...did I mention I had been working on this for years? All I had to do was show up and let myself be seen. But Addison's tender spirit and intuitive leadership created a space that made it safe to finally do the work that leads to actual healing.

-Shawna (Dallas TX)
"Thank you Addison! You have turned me into an energetic beast and fantastic lover. I couldn't be happier and I'm sure my partner wants to hug you and sing your praises"

-Robert, 55, Grapevine
"There is a quote from a movie I love, "Praying is something we do in our time, the answers come in God's Time". Before seeing Addison I thought this meant we had to wait & be patient to get what we want. What Addison has shown me is that it is already here. God puts us where we need to be. We need to see the joy & beauty in the gifts we already have before we can open our lives to their full potential & RECEIVE EVERYTHING we want and desire. It is there for our taking when we do the work to get there. To fully FEEL, LOVE, & EXPERIENCE LIFE . This is what Addison teaches!"

-Pat, 45, Dallas

"I have felt so much energy moving in me this week and am still blown away by the dramatic sensations I have had since my session. Addison has a natural talent in sensing energetic patterns and working with them in a gentle non-threatening way."

-- Tom, 37, Frisco
" Addison Bell is a uniquely gifted and skilled practitioner and coach. I have been blessed to work with her numerous times and always look forward to our next session. I strongly suggest anyone looking for a dynamic energetic session to explore her services.It is an honor to have her in our healing community here in Dallas "

--Kendal Williams, Sex & Relationship Coach
"Amazing .. simply amazing,  when I first heard of the sessions I was a little skeptical of the results. My thinking was "why do i need this?. How could this help me? " With coaching it has bought my entire  life to a completely different level."

--Neil, Dallas
Hanging out with J.T. Foxx
" Simply beautiful energy! Addison has a soft and healing touch. Her beauty runs far deeper than the skin as you can feel her heart and soul in the True Tantra sessions she offers."

--Renee, Dallas