Thank you for letting me give.
To those that let me support them.
To those that allow me to have their backs.
To those that open up their hearts and souls to me.
To those that allow me to take on the big or small tasks
To those that share their hopes, dreams, sadness, joy, past, and vision for the future…

Thank you!!
Thank you for letting me give!
Thank you for giving me such a beautiful and amazing gift.
There is no better gift to someone in our lives than to allow them to see us, support us, and celebrate us.
In our culture of “hustle”, “be independent”, “take care of yourself”, we often cut out the beauty and true gift that we give to someone when we allow them to give or support us in some way.
We hide and pretend that everything is fine.
We say that we have everything covered.
We don’t reach out in those moments when we feel like we are drowning.
We stress and overschedule and we deny any offers of help.
We drain ourselves and then can’t truly be present or connect to self or other
And even if it looks like we are leaning on others for support usually we are not truly allowing others to support the “hard stuff” or truly see us and feel us.
Or we shame and belittle ourselves for allowing others to help us and/or wonder “what the angle is??”
Because surely there is an angle!
Surely someone couldn’t just love us.
Surely someone couldn’t just desire to help!
Surely someone doesn’t get pleasure from helping US!!!
This is why I am grateful for those in my life that allow me to be there for them and lend a hand in whatever way that hand needs to be lent.
I am grateful because there is such an enormous gift in this process.
It is actually selfish of me!
It allows me to share from my soul and leave even a tiny mark.
It allows me to look at the world a little differently after each experience.
It allows me to really witness my ego and my spirit.
It allows me to give myself an egoic pat on the back
And often it allows me a connection with another beautiful soul
It is such a gift when someone opens themselves up to me to share…
To ask for assistance
To ask for support
It feels freeing to me…
To think that I got to help put even a second of a smile or warm feeling in someone’s heart
To be able to provide some yummy pleasure to a partner in the bedroom or help work out a sore muscle so someone isn’t in pain
To be able to stand in someone’s ego excuses and support them to step back in and believe in themselves
To someone do something as silly as just BE THERE or help clean or run an errand.
It feels good!!
And it is a GIFT that I am blessed to receive
Do I enjoy receiving….HELL YES!!!
But there is such beauty in the giving process…or actually more the sharing!!!
Because when you let someone in you are sharing yourself.
And there is nothing more divine.
Let me know what your thoughts are on giving and receiving in life?
I’m truly curious!!!