You’re never going to get that person back and you’re grasping and grabbing is pointless.
So let it go!

This graby, low-vibing, wishing energy is only holding you back from what you could have in this world and all the joys that are yours for the taking. These moments of nostalgia and wishing is only keeping you from the now.

What am I referring to?

The desire to hold someone frozen in a place and time.
This is our desire to get someone we are in relationship with to be that “old person”
Or in desiring for ourselves to be the person we once were.

We can never go back.
Thats not a life direction… EVER!
We are always moving forward.

Now we can move forwards into lower vibration and a sense of stuckness or we can move forward into a new level of ourselves.

Once upon a time, I was sitting and processing a traumatic experience and I realized how that experience changed me at a deep level and how I was no longer that old person. I remember thinking that I wish I could be who I was prior to that experience.
And yet, my younger self had to acknowledge that I would never get to be that young naive person again. I had changed at a core level and eventually I was able to see the blessing in that change.

And I share this because it is often that we look at the people in our lives and while we know logically that they can not stay frozen forever… our desire to keep homeostasis and avoid change makes us attempt to keep ourselves and loved one’s frozen.

We find ourselves grasping to hold onto a time and place in our lives and to hold the ones we love dearly in that place as well…

Holding someone into an energy that was only meant to be a passing through point and a point of learning but growth makes us uncomfortable because it brings in a sense of uncertainty…

And us humans love certainty!

But while it can be nice to remember the good moments in our lives… looking in the rearview mirror consistently will only lead to heartbreak and suffocation.
Suffocation of relationships
Suffocation of energies
Suffocation of yourself

And its common.
There are breathing in moments and compassion in the discomfort that we must have with self and other
BUT compassion and breathing does not mean pity parties and stepping into controlling energies.

It means taking a witness standpoint and recognizing emotion
And then choosing to focus on the positives, the growth, and most of all looking at why change within self or other is making you so uncomfortable.

Most of the time it comes down to trust and worthiness!

We don’t trust that we can make it through transition and make it through in a positive way
And/or we don’t believe we are worthy of even more beauty and love.
Hence trying to suck every little MF morsel out of another person or time in our lives.
Just creating more resistance on our paths.

But the flip side is… breathing and letting things flow.
Appreciating the past and person for what it was…

And then finding the blessings and gloriousness of the moment.
Finding that faith and certainty within
That you have expansive energies in front of you if you keep your eyes focused on the path in front of you.

Trying to box anyone in… including yourself…

Will NEVER get you what your soul is looking to find.
Never get you happiness
Never get you growth
Never get you true love

It will only get you at the most a facade of connection and love
It will only get you constriction and resistance.

Choose to start loving the people in your life for who they are NOW!

More than that…
Start loving the person you are NOW!

Honor the past but get excited about the future.

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