Let’s say you are out walking on a beautiful morning and you see the most majestic bird. The colors are breathtaking. The way it flits, this way and that, brings you such joy.

This little bird hops over to you and begins to show interest. There is something within you that this majestic bird is drawn too and so she decides to play with you.

Being in the very presence of this bird makes you feel more connected to yourself and the Universe. You are inspired by the way she moves, plays, loves, trusts, and connects.

So you decide to catch the majestic bird. She isn’t scared of you and is enjoying the play and so doesn’t put up a fuss. I mean… you know this is a bird and that birds need space… to fly… to grow and experience.

Then you bring the bird home and let it fly around your house. Feeding it some special food you created all yourself that is gourmet. Although, the bird is not as happy as she was flitting and flying about outside, she is liking getting fed the special food you are feeding her and having someone all her own to fly back too.

But then you realize that you don’t want to lose the little bird. It’s too scary for you to have her out and flying around where you don’t know what could happen or who else could grab her majestic nature for their own.

You decide to shove the bird in a cage you built her, and while pretty, it’s still a cage.

Now the once seemingly majestic bird begins to lose her glow. She can’t truly spread her wings. She isn’t getting energized from the outside world and all the new experiences. She starts to lose her feathers and loses all desire to sing the songs she once sang that initially won you over to her beauty. I mean, she’s in a cage and so doesn’t have the inspiration to even try singing.

You know she is safe and so you start to cut corners… store bought food and don’t play with her as much. And in truth she is bored with only your company. She still loves you but you don’t put the effort you once did into her. This majestic little bird stops growing and instead starts dying.

She bites at your fingers to get your attention. She squawks to be let out and allowed to fly. She wants to play with other birds and other people. She wants to spread her wings and allow herself to be appreciated for her beauty. She needs others to revel in her and then she will fly back to your safety. Instead you deny her cries and bites and keep her locked inside that cage that is her prison.

Until you wake up one morning and your favorite majestic bird is dead. There is no life left in her. Nothing to appreciate and revel in…

You standing crying and remember that first day watching that little bird fly free. You remember her beauty and her playfulness. You remember her wholehearted love and joy… and the song that she would sing.

You miss the bird that was FREE!
The freedom that you took away.


And the feminine spirit is the same.
The feminine needs to be free to love and play in a way that feeds the souls and energizes. Needing the ability to be flirtatious and to wander into new experiences.

The feminine is often caged in by the masculine spirit that desires logic and boxes. Often these boxes look beautiful from the outside but are cages that squash the feminine energy. They often happen in small bites and often do not come from a malicious place from the masculine.

Boxes are often set up in the name of…
Trying to connect with the feminine
Trying to keep the feminine safe
Trying to avoid stirring difficult conversations
and the worst one of all
In the name of LOVE!

If you loved me…
If you cared about me…
If you were committed to me…

And on top of all this the sex that may have been passionate and filling is short-circuited…

Because the masculine HAS the feminine and so sometimes will stop trying in the bedroom as he once did.
Or the feminine shorts down in her sex because of the boxes.

Sex is an energy ane energy needs movement and a place to flow. Boxed in things don’t provide this energy.
Boxed in energy dies and constricts.

Boxed in energy kills.

The feminine might not die in the physical sense…

Although constricted energy and soul will inevitably leads to disease that ends physical life.

But the feminine might die in energy and spirit.

Or that little feminine bird will bust out of the cage and not look back because she knows that the cage you want her in will suffocate.


Masculine energy (which we all have) needs to step back and truly take a birds eye-view of where the feminine (which was all have) is being boxed in.

Whether this be in a romantic relationship, your business/career, or even your spiritual growth and leaning too far into control/manipulation/control.

Again, it is often subtle.

Break your cages open and allow the flow that feeds!

~Recover Your Life~


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You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner! Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations! Crave to find healing…

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