I remember a decade ago wanting to find a deeper depth in my sexing that I had heard about and knew was possible. I had already started down my tantric journey of learning and incorporating energy into the sensual, but then it was time to explore my sexuality in a way I had never done in my adult years.

At that time, I met several men that helped this awakening process, and I have gratitude for many of them in expanding my sensual and sexual horizons. However, there was one man and one moment in particular that I knew would change me sexually forevermore. This man was a playmate and not a romantic partner, but I can remember within a few short hours him dropping down into my body and my sex until I was vibrating from the energy. The care and focus placed on me allowed me to fully surrender and left me so orgasmically full that I dropped all guards and holdbacks. While I was connected to him in sex, the truth is that I was so connected to my own body and energy that I experienced aspects of myself that I didn’t know existed. I remember leaving that experience and knowing that I was forever shifted in my expectations.

I wasn’t in love with this man, so later in my journey I would begin to uncover deeper layers that deeper love could bring to the experience. The point being, once I was awakened to my sexuality, there was no going back, and the bar was forever set in my body, mind, and energy.

As a Sex & Relationship Coach, its often that I hear about men wanting women that are sexually open and available. Women that are able to talk about their likes/dislikes, sexually playful and even adventurous. They are attached to the light that radiates off of a sensually aware woman.

The allure of a woman that is all of these things can provide is intense, but men are not always willing to rise up to meet these women where they are in their sexual energy, not just once but constantly.

Things to know about potential dangers in dating these type of women…

#1) Body Knowledge and Connection:

A woman who has done her sexual work understands the depths to which her body can sink during a sexual experience. Not every sensual moment needs to meet or exceed that depth, but that depth must be pushed and played with on a consistent basis.

Whether you agree or disagree with expectations, we all have them! There is an expectation in intimate relationships that there will be a filling of these sexual energies. The problem is that a woman can not be filled unless she is able to surrender her mind, body, and soul to the process. She knows this and will always remember that feeling of full surrender within her sexual energies.

#2) She has Unlocked Her Power

She will recognize what sexual depth does for her, not just in the bedroom but in her life and inner world as well. A woman that is filled in this way has been proven to have better mental health, physical health, energy, and creativity. This type of consistent sensual connection allows the woman to let go of many blocks and open to a higher level of abundance. Therefore, she will know that her best self requires her to also be at her best sexually in order to build the life she requires.

#3) Growth Mindset

Once a deep level of sexual connection has been felt, then a woman will have an inner drive to keep that growth happening. It will be an inner hunger! There will be a desire to keep playing with the energy, the experiences, and the connection in new ways. This doesn’t always mean “new adventures,” but many times it’s just bringing new emotional depths and energetic elements in to continue the expansion. When the sexual energies are awakened there is a “more vibe” that also gets awakened. Not more in the feel of a sexual addiction but more in the way of desiring continual growth in and out of the bedroom.

#4) She Understands Ebb & Flow, Sometimes!

A Sensually-Aware woman also realizes that there is an ebb and flow in the bedroom and also in the relationship. She understands that not every time there is sex in the relationship that it has to be a mind-blowing experience. Sometimes the depth of love and connection in and of itself is what she is after, and that is satisfying. Understanding sexual depth also implies that you recognize that energies are constantly shifting and that external circumstances in life/people can cause these shifts.That being said, she also will only accept average and ordinary connections for so long!

Unfortunately, the less she explores her sex the less depth she feels within herself as a whole. When she becomes depleted, she will either become the opposite of the woman you love or find a way to fulfill these needs outside of the relationship.


A sensually aware woman can be such a gift to her partner, and a man that is willing to meet her there is equally a gift. These types of relationships can be profound and life-changing if everyone is on the same page. It’s a dangerous but worthwhile journey!

#1) Check Yourself Realistically

Are you really committed to exploring your own growth and energy? Are you willing to reach for a level of intimacy that can be scary and can shake up how you know yourself, consistently? These are questions to truly inquire about and get real with yourself, because if the answer is no, then this type of woman may simply cause you more pain and distress. One person growing in a relationship does not work because eventually that growth will separate the relationship. A sexually aware woman makes a man think he needs to be ready to just explore his sex, but it is more of an exploration of his own depths as a person mind/body/soul. Without a true heartfelt commitment to yourself, then you will struggle to stick with the growth curve and it can become overwhelming, leading to relationship breakdowns in the long term.

#2) No copy-cats Required!

Often, male partners will hear what a previous partner did and simply try to replicate that experience, but she is not looking for a copy-cat. Every man brings with him a new energy and a totally different connection. While learning what is arousing in the bedroom is helpful, trying to mimic a past lover will fall flat because you can’t replicate energy. Instead, try approaching her heart in a way that is unique to you and opens her up in the way that you both connect.Trying to be someone else will always lack depth and feel forced. Also, perfection isn’t the name of the game. It’s about being there with her and continuing to expand yourself.

#3) She Hungry for A Entire Meal

Many men may read this and want to focus on the concrete elements of sex, but the trick is that she wants not just the sex but the touch, the connection, the heart, the play, the surrender. In truth, sometimes the actual act of sex isn’t what she is going to be after and orgasms are not what she’s after. She wants YOU. She wants all of you with her and only her. Providing just the straight sexual components and techniques can feel like you threw her a McDonald’s hamburger instead of a gourmet meal. If you think it’s just about the sexual act, then you have missed the boat! Hence why it’s the sensually aware woman and not just the sexually aware woman.

#4) Your Sensual Set-point

In order to know if you are willing and able to live up to this level of expansion, it is important to look at your set-point. If you are a man that doesn’t need or desire sex very often, then you might not be a good fit for this type of woman. If you are a man that needs to have quick release moments often and is satisfied with that, then you will probably struggle to spend the time/energy/focus in the long run with your woman. Also, looking at your long-term relationships from the past and where you potentially stopped growing and paying attention to where these pitfalls could arise in the new relationship is helpful. We all have set-points in our relationships, and while we can grow through them, we often become lazy and fall back into our old patterns unless we are consciously aware.

Although we have focused on sensually aware women, the same can be true for the power and requirements of a sensually aware man. That being said, a man that steps into a relationship with a woman like the one shared above will leave (or live) forever changed and with a deeper understanding of himself. Although these types of relationships require focused attention and work, they can lead to some of the most miraculous connections.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the simple question of if you are willing to truly and wholly commit to yourself as well as your partner.

~Reawaken Your Life!~


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