Sometimes coaches f*ck it up too!
Your hair dresser
Your doctor
Your mentor
We all f*ck it up at times.
And sometimes we mess it up in the exact same area that we work with others on!

As a coach there are times I’m rocking it out and all my metaphorical little duckies are all in a row!
Those beautiful times when I am practicing exactly what I’m teaching and am a bright and shining star in personal growth, relationship communication, and riding those high vibes.
And then there are times when…
I’m hormonal and irrational
I dont hold space and listen
I have quick unimpressive sex
I’ll fight with those I love
I get judgey AF
And have negative thoughts, triggers, and tears.
And when I share these moments with someone they sometimes are shocked that I still have these moments. Thinking that I’m some new brand of human that has no issues or emotions.
Now, don’t get me wrong…
I recognize my shit and ego. When things aren’t going as I desire in my life I know that means that I’m not in alignment and manifesting all the wrong things. I can see my emotions as a guide and know when its self-work time.
Sometimes I still have a crazy moment or lose myself and look back and think…
“Wow girl, tuck that crazy back in”.
But perfection is NOT a thing!
Its a fake pedestal that we place people on that they inevitably will fall from…
Because eventually the new relationship energy of any person will die and their humanness will begin to come through.
Stay long enough around someone and they will have bad days, insecurities, and get triggered by things in their environment.
Coaches, therapists, lightworkers, EVERYONE is on their own healing path. Sometimes this crazy is what is needed to show the next level alignment and to wake us up to our own path and needed growth… may not be pretty but it’s real and authentic humanity.
All false idols will fall!
Thank God!
Because that would be a shit to. Of pressure to have to stay perfect at all time or to try to grow to this level of perfection.
Helps us to love ourselves and others in a more unconditional way… build deeper live of the imperfections.
That’s not to say that it’s alright to let yourself run wild with your ego and irrationality consistently but its a beautiful place e to c I me to compassion and to grow from…
Because that’s what life is about.. the lessons and growth. Stepping closer to our most aligned higher selves.
So yes… sometimes I f*ck it up and sometimes you will too!
Welcome to your beautiful human state.
Grow, love, and learn.
Recover your life!
A silence of togetherness!
There is no need to talk or explain anything. There is nothing but you and your connection to the other beautiful souls around you from a purely energetic level.
The Sensory of Silence Experience is an experiential workshop where we will be walking through several expansive practices to get more embodied and more connected. We will walk through several exercises to first integrate within yourself and then move to partner work to feel and experience deeper connections.