I’m currently avoiding my living room!
Wanna know why I am avoiding my living room… also known as the area I must pass through to leave my home?
On Monday night I got together with a fellow coach and she walked me through a full body mapping art project. The purpose….
To F*ck Addison up! ?

No, seriously, the purpose was to look at things a little differently in order to notice some of my personal hold backs, but also to increase manifestation energies around certain topics.
The project brought up ALL the FEELS!!!
I was resistant. I was angry. I was childish. I was sad.
I even said at one point that I wanted to throw myself down on the ground and throw a 4yr old temper tantrum.
A sure sign that we were on the right track!
Just like the fact that there was 2-3 pictures that I couldn’t look at without crying that night and which I am strangely am still averting my gaze from as I walk on by is also a sign I’m right on track!!!
Why am I sharing?
The reason I was resistant. The reason I was sad. The reason I was angry
Was that I was not allowing myself to FEEL the true desire in this one particular area, an area that the project honed in on with laser focus.
I’m generally pretty good at owning and accepting my desires. I know what I want and I own it within myself.
But to truly OWN these desires, the desires that the project brought to light, meant having to look deeper. Look at the reasons I hadn’t opened up to receiving them. Look at my fear around HAVING and NOT HAVING them. To look at myself and ask if at the end of my days I would be pleased with myself if I didn’t reach for those things…
And therefore we come to our little lesson for the day!
The desires that you not just want but that you ACHE for… the ones that set your SOUL on FIRE!! The ones you don’t dare speak about and continue to stuff down.
Those are the keys.
Those are the keys to really reaching in and pulling the real you forward. Those are the keys to potentially unlocking/unsticking yourself from a reality you might now enjoy.
We so often chose to ignore our deeper desires when it is actually our very soul calling out to us!
Some might come up with the excuses around not really claiming it. Saying that they are fearful of what others will think… how others will judge… about failing… etc.
I think those are B.S. excuses because most of the time…
You are judging YOU the worst and you are the one blaming and shaming yourself more than any external influence. Also, often when talking about those deeper level desires it isn’t the fear of never getting it ….
It’s the fear of HAVING!!
Yes I said it. You are scared of your own desires because they matter. They really matter!
So receiving them might feel too intense, too emotional, too life shaking, etc.
As well as the receiving and then the losing. Because we all have known the pain of having something really good. Getting to truly know that feeling/situation well and then having it ripped from us.
You might put that in the failing bucket but I see that as HAVING and then fearing it so you push it away.
But if you continue to avoid your desires… pushing and pushing. Not admitting to self that it is a desire. That it is a MUST for your life. Then you will struggle to ever feel fulfilled in your life.
You have to find a place and a space where you get real with yourself about what you truly want and claim it. Own it. even if you never own it with anyone else. You must own it within.
Then you have to start opening up to let that desire in and taking aligned action, if necessary, to open up doors to call it into your life!
If you aren’t willing to ask for it then why should it manifest with ease into your life???
You’re still too scared of having it.
You’re still too resistant.
You’re still not connecting to it.
We all have desires that were placed in our hearts for a reason but if we aren’t willing to look at them… explore them … and then look yourself in the eyes and FEEL them.
Then we are living a half-hearted life.
It might be difficult to look at where your heart is still yearning for things, believe me I know, but it IS more painful to get down the line and realize you never fully reached for the things you wanted.
Join me in looking at your desires with a fully open heart today! Opening up to the message and the path to exactly what you deserve!!
Stop faking it and start living it!
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