Why keep going. Why keep opening the heart. Why do us humans continue to step forward despite the hurts and hang-ups?

Because we know there is more. We know there is a deeper love and a deeper place within that awaits us if we only trust. Not a blind trust where we say it without knowing. No, we know. The kind of faith and trust that simply comes from an inner knowing. A knowing that is fed to us from the divine. 

This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. No it hurts like hell. It hurts deep down to our very bones in these breaking open moments. It feels like we are being stretched, pulled, and cracked open beyond what we can survive. Our very souls feel like they will shatter.

But shatter they will not. No, we will thus simply be broken open at a deeper level to allow the divine light within to illuminate from the core of out very being. We thus become lighthouses if we allow. Yes, if we allow! 

Because we can close and crunch ourselves down in these moments. We can choose to not keep going. So many follow this path each and every day in a million different contractive ways. Closing down and shutting off from the world, from self and from our very source. Shutting down and thus smudging out the light.

Though so many brave souls continue to pick up each and every day and simply keep going. Yes, they feel the breaking of their hearts and realize that to feel is to be alive. Tears mean that there was something meaningful enough to have meant something. Sadness is just the other side of the amount of joy one can feel. To feel means one is living. And truly living means we are loving and connected to our hearts. 

And these moments of our hearts breaking we can also simultaneously feel held. Held by God and our very core. It is in these moments that we meet our true core and our core is always beautiful. Yes, these moments of feeling, of healing, and opening are true God moments

That is why we keep going. That is why we keep pushing through. And that is why we keep opening for even more… because there is a deeper love and the more we crack ourselves open to our cores, the closer we get to God and those true God moments.