?Your ego is screaming….”this doesn’t make sense”… and it’s pissed!!
?Your friends, family and society is yelling at you….”that isn’t responsible/logical/smart”…and they shake their heads at you.
?Your bank account is crying…”what have you done to me”…and it is constantly knocking at your door with reminders

Though you persist.

You keep the faith and you lean into your heart and your soul. You don’t let up and you keep your eyes peeled on the goals and dreams that you have for the future. That glorious vision in your mind that was put there by God and that you are trusting.

Though the screams, yells, and knocks can be tempting. They remind you of the true meaning of faith. It would be easy to step onto their whitewashed clean path that you “should” take. The path that is said to be safe and responsible.

Though what they don’t understand is that it might be stable but its not safe. Its not safe for the heart. Its not safe for the dreams. Its not safe for the soul that wants to soar and in truth that path is stifling and deadly for those meant for more in their lives…. those that choose more.

Its risky. Ever risky to take steps along a path that has not been worn down by others. Though there is immense heart on this path. The heart path is one that is full of disappointments, struggles, but also beautiful moments of love, connection, celebration, and revelation. Yes, this path is ever revealing. Each and every day you are forced into a more awake state and learning more about who you are at your core.

If you choose this path then you also tend to choose a path that is full of other criticisms. And most often you will be faced with your own self-cisticisms. Be warned this path is not for the faint at heart. It requires a great courage. It is the warriors path!

Yes, the warriors path is the path of following your heart.

How does one do this?

Its really quite simple….tune into yourself. Stop several times throughout the day and check in with your heart and soul. What does it want? Is it happy? Where is it yearning?

Then take steps to following those yearnings, desires, and where your heart is pulling.

If you are following your true hear then you won’t go wrong. You might fall down on the journey a few times but you won’t go wrong…. because you are guided. Led. And at times carried. It is your soul purpose and so follow.

Don’t wait.
Don’t hesitate.

Wishing you Light, Love, & Blessings,