It was a beautiful evening to see lights!
Despite being in a bulky sweater, scarf, and white jacket I was feeling sexy in my skin.
I just felt GOOD! I felt amazing and was excited to get to walk and talk with this new man.
It was almost magical pulling up to the park!

Though the second I saw the guy that I was to spend the evening with my spirits began to dip.

Actually they began to dip the second we were having an issue finding each other and he treated me like I didn’t have a brain. How dare I not be able to find exactly where he was standing in a huge park at night!

From the way he stood, to the first words out of his mouth, I knew that it was going to be a long evening.

Apparently I made the poor lad drive too far to meet me… a whole 20mins out of his way!
Apparently I don’t hang out in the “right” areas of town!Apparently he was expecting the lighted tree to get up and dance or something because the simple elegant and presence of a beautiful woman isn’t enough.

After about 5mins of lights he tried to pull me into a noisy bar for a beer.

I took a deep breath.

I could slyly text my bestie and ask her to call with an emergency…. Nope too obvious (and not authentic)

I could just be honest and leave… Nah, I really wanted to see these lights!


I could use this as a lesson. I could appreciate the divine evening of beauty that was being presented before me. The chilly air…the twinkling lights…and just the feeling of the holidays.

Although I knew that this was a one and only date I could try to connect but also not allow his super low vibe to pull me down.

“Ya know, I still want to see some of these gorgeous lights! Look at how pretty these one’s over here are!”

It only worked for a short amount of time before he became persistent about wanting his desired beer… we chit chatted a bit over a drink and then I politely denied him my phone number at the closing of the evening.

I found many lessons myself for this evening but also wanted to share with you a specific lesson.

It is the lesson of the choice I made at the beginning of the evening.

It is the same choice you have… daily!
No, not the choice of whether to stay on a date or not!

The choice to lean into the beauty of our lives and guard against the negativity that tries to invade this beauty. It is the choice to see the magic in our lives.

You each and every day have magical moments that fill your life but instead of stopping and noticing you more than likely move right through them.

Sometimes these magical moments are hidden or mixed with the opportunity to be pulled down into a lower vibe.

Though when we choose… and as an adult it truly is a choice… to look at the world with a child-like wonder, then our life suddenly becomes more magical overall.

Our lives become magical because each element of your life becomes new, exciting, and different. You begin to look forward and have expectation for the next fun playful thing about to happen in your life. And when we get into this energy we manifest more of this energy.

Part of this is taking a situation that you would not define as idea but making the best out of what is happening and finding he lesson. Finding an element to bring out of the experience that you can use to grow you.

For me, not only was it recognizing my immediate intuition that this other person’s energy was not right for me but also noting the beauty all around me.

There was a huge lesson in the evening about slowing down and truly appreciating that was gifted to me by my date.

While he was trying to rush though the lights and I kept pointing out the amazement of the colors, shining on the pond, and the total feel of the holidays… he kept saying “yeah yeah, it’s nice” but never truly stopped to feel into it.

Almost like he was fearful of enjoying himself too much. And although I was in a playful beautiful mood while exploring the lights… there are times when I lose track of that playful spirit or simply am not being present to the beauty of the situation.

I wonder if you ever do the same thing…

I would bet that you do.
I would bet that you get bogged down in your adult mind and make the choice to pass things in your life over that could bring great pleasure. That you put things that are less meaningful in front of connective moments…

Like putting grabbing a beer in front of spending time with a new friend and experiencing some magic!

Or you put everything and everyone in front of your joy and happiness!! Including your EGO.

Lean into your magical moments this week.
It’s the Holiday Season and so they are abundant!
Take this opportunity to start living NOW.
To begin filling yourself up and reconnecting to that magic deep within

Light, Love, & Blessings!

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