They are all around us if we only look. If we open our eyes and open our hearts. We will hear their voices!

It is so often that we walk around our lives begging to know where to go and what to do. Who am I? What’s my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing? Which is the better choice?

All questions I hear from my clients, from those in my life, and from inside my own brain. We ask for guidance. We beg to know but yet we aren’t opening ourselves to receiving the answer.

Some hear these answers in meditation and prayer. Some sense these answers at a deep intuitive level if they listen. Some see the answers playing out before them.

Though in our humanness we struggle to relax enough to truly receive. We cry out to God that we need answers. And answers we get…

They are the feathers on the ground that we walk past. They are the number sequences that follow us each day on our drive. They are the silly “coincidences” when an animal keeps appearing to us for weeks on end. Messages…and oftentimes our answers.

Though we push them away. We discount these gifts with our logical brains. We want hard cold answers. And oftentimes our answers lie more in the faith realm. Especially the more transformative changes.

We are always being guided. Even when we don’t feel it. And as I often need to remind myself, we are especially guided when we are feeling at our lowest. This is when we need to make an even conscious effort to open to the messages we are crying out to God to provide.

Plus, looking for messages can also be fun. One of the best parts about me driving is seeing all the messages my guides and angels are providing me through different number sequences. It is a reminder that I am never alone and NEITHER ARE YOU!

Even if you don’t logically believe in messages. Give it a playful try. Start looking for the signs in your life and you will be shocked at the beautiful moments they will lead you too.

I’m wishing you all beautiful Blessings and guidance today.

Light, Love, & Blessings,
Addison Bell