You have the most beautiful soul.
Look into the depth of your eyes and you will find your core.
Deep down beyond all the drama and trauma.
Past the ego and the protective layers.
That is where you are.
That is who you are.
This egoic world pulls you this way and that…
Telling you who you are and what you are.
Pointing fingers and taking blame.
Beating up others and ripping apart from self.
Allowing the energies around you too slow transform you away from that person beneath the surface that is your truth.

You my dear have the most beautiful soul.
You shine with energy when aligned
Your vibe is divine and laughter contagious
And your heart so deep no one could measure.
You are magnetically lovely.
You know who you are and what you are in these moments of clarity….
Before you lose yourself once again.
Giving in to the darkness and the energy that attempts to pull you in and lock you down.
But you are so much better than that….
That is not your aligned self with ego and excuses.
Your true self is that person just below the surface that emanates love and the divine light. That loves and trusts. That has an open heart. That believes in the best in people and see’s miracles all around.
And anything other is not your truth or your alignment.
It is you hiding from YOU.
So look in that mirror
Shine that gorgeous light…
Because this life is too short and your purpose is too important.
Don’t allow yourself to be buried…
Glow through anything!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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Photo Credit to DandelionImages