I sit writing this outside in the cool shade of my backyard. I can look over to the cozy bench chair that has a pillow all set for my pregnant back to be supported as I relax, but instead, across it lies a very content cat that jumped up to steal my seat while I was getting a snack. She looks so peaceful that I just smile and allow her to stay right where she catnaps. I feel the beautiful breeze across my cheeks and see the dance of the sun on the leaves. I feel so me, so connected, so calm.

It’s such a mundane afternoon and would be seen by many as unproductive since I could be using it to make progress on my business, to prep for my coming baby, learn something new with a book, or give an extra thorough clean to my house.

Yet, my soul beckons me to stay and be quiet. To enjoy this moment being presented to me because the rest of the world can wait. Feeding my heart and energy is one of the most productive things I can do in a world that demands hustle at all times and is currently heavy with negativity in news and politics. Sitting in gratitude for this moment and feeling life is where I am guided too today.

In some ways we have become a world of avoidance and procrastination. We use social media and television to avoid our lives and “stay busy” in a pseudo way. Many struggle with depression and anxiety and find themselves finding ways to avoid feeling human emotions. Filling our days up with meaningless busyness.

On the other hands we have a culture of “hustle”, where we are told that if we aren’t making progress on our goals that we are wasting our lives. There is an energy that you must always be ‘on’ and working for your dreams. With this comes a scarcity fear that there is not enough time to get everything done unless we are constantly pushing ourselves to strive and expand.

Though somewhere between these two phenomenon’s many have lost the simplistic mundane moments of life. Spending time where we listen to our inner guidance system for what we desire to do and we can slow our minds, sometimes leading to true inspiration and creativity, sometimes to just be with ourselves and refresh our souls.

Our lives move so very fast, and these moments of taking in the beauty of the mundane and not feeling with need to hustle for our worth, are precious. They can connect us with the gratitude for life in general, without any massive achievement or goal but just the gratitude for being alive and being us.

Sometimes moments of simply ‘being’ can be the most productive of all and have that biggest impact on the true happiness of our lives overall. Times when we don’t have to do anything or be anyone but who we are in that very moment. Also, without the distractions of the new technological world but instead the vibrance of the natural world and our inner worlds.

Taking time to do nothing and be you, or jsut be with those you love can make you have the energy and vibrance you need to succeed in the rest of your life. Stop looking at your peaceful downtime as a luxury and start trying to implement it as a requirement for your betterment.

I know I sure am!

Recover Your Life,