🔥The Orgasmic Frequency is not about SEX. 🔥
Last night I had a juicy time getting dressed up, eating tasty food, and having a playful conversation. 😋
Then today I am sitting outside…
☕️ Drinking some tea
💨 Letting the breeze take my hair
💥 Feeling energized in my body
💅 And with fresh nails to boot!
It feels great!
😌THIS MOMENT feels orgasmic.
It feels orgasmic because I’m choosing to tap into my life force energy and allowing this to embody me in the here and now.
Im allowing myself to feel it ALL.

❤️ I feel my sexual center…
❤️ But I also feel my heart center…
❤️ My intuitive center…
❤️ My groundedness…
And you might think that it’s just because things feel good right now, and while in this moment I am indeed feeling great…
I could equally tell you about moments in my life where I was just as orgasmic but I was in the moment with my very really sadness, pain, and hurts. 😭
It’s the riding of the wave and embracing all aspects of self and life. 🌊
You don’t have to have a ‘perfect’ life OR always be ‘Sunshine Sally’, to live in an Orgasmic Frequency.
😍 Now, if you are embodying, accepting, and present…
Find gratitude in each moment no matter what is coming at you.
Then you are more likely to be feeling positive but it’s also imperative to be REAL and feel all the feelings.
😘And while we like to equate ORGASM with sex, the fact is it’s about the pleasure and the flow. The energy. The connection to self and spirit.
At least from my perspective!
💥 Sex can be an amazing part of encouraging the orgasmic frequency but there are more elements to the orgasmic life. 💥
And if you are not living this life outside of the bedroom then you will not be able to create this life in your bedroom.
🌟So today…
🥰 Ask yourself what in your life is orgasmic that isn’t sexual
🥰 What brings to passion and pleasure outside of your genitals?
I’d love to hear about these things below 👇
Love, 💋
🔥🔥🔥When is enough going to be enough?
🔥🔥You have the divine potential yet life is ticking by…
🔥There is a purpose and intent for conquering your life
But you continue to put it off.
👉It’s time to stand in your power, purpose, and energy.
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