TᕼE Oᒪᗪ ᗯOᗰᗩᑎ TᕼᗩT ᑕᕼᗩᑎGEᗪ ᗰY ᗪᗩY!
The self-analysis was strong with me this morning!
I woke up in a strange energy and knew I needed to give myself some space for processing of some recent realizations.
So instead of forcing myself to do work that was not aligned, I ended up at my favorite park.
Despite trying to pull my brain back to my body and the present moment….
Off it ran during the walk to criticize myself about some recent situations. I ended up in complete analysis paralysis.

My beautiful park was NOT melting my self-attacking heart!
And in all honesty my presence level was SHIZ!
An older woman walking the other direction smiled at me.
I smiled back.
She then asked me if I was having a good day.
I said, “Yes, thank you! Hope you are too”
Then she stopped and pointed up at sky.
“Its a gorgeous day and life is alway good! ”
I had stopped at this point. She stood there sharing on how there is so much negativity in this world and she hopes to add just a bit more sunshine back into the world.
Telling me that we can go about this world hating on ourselves and others. Scared to live because of disease, fear, and lack of love. Or we could see all the blessings that are around us.
She looked at me and told me that I appeared to have a beautiful spirit and reminded me that my love, heart, and energy touches so many.
I was stunned.
I stood there knowing this was divinely guided.
During our talk she did share some of her religious beliefs but she was wholeheartedly just sharing her light this morning!
Not trying to win me over or preach to me.
Just an older woman trying to make her imprint in the world.
I told her she changed my day!
That I had come to the park to let go of some negative energy in my day and that she had been my Earth Angel.
I left the park and was reminded that we are all divinely guided and that the Universe always has my back (as Gabby Bernstein would say!)
And while I’ve continued to process what needed to be looked at today. I was first more present in my body as I went throughout my day.
The conversation changed my viewpoint of processing! It changed my viewpoint of myself in that moment.
Instead of processing from a negative, self-berating stance…
I was able to shift into more the loving witness stance.
Knowing there was no gains to be had from tearing myself apart for past actions and energies.
Still seeing what needed to shift internally and externally
But seeing it from a more loving, future oriented, and implementable space.
This woman changed my day!!!
She brought me back to my heart
And lovingly reminded of that big picture.
We can focus on our faults…
The things we messed up.
The ways we still need to do our work and grow.
The “not enough’s” & the “too much’s”
We can prioritize in our mind the wonderful things about ourselves…
The ways we show up for self and other daily
The spaces where we are making a difference
The magnificent talents we have
The love we do share
The LOVE we ARE!
Not saying we have to ignore our growth but we can love ourselves above it all. We can prioritize our light in our minds to help us with the shadow.
And so here I am …
A coach feeling grateful for one little woman in the park!
You really can make a difference with the smallest of things!
Spreading the love.
It’s time to embody and connect!
Somatic work is working with the body and then connecting it to the energy.
Stripping yourself down to your very core.
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually.
I’m asking you to drop it all and get back to that sensual and embodied person you were born to be!
* Drop the self-hatred
* Drop the shame
* Drop the insecurities
* Drop the disconnection with your body.
* Drop the fear of your emotional nakedness
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