This pattern is growing stronger and stronger in our world and relationships right now!!!


If right now I played a piece of classical music… I wonder what you would hear? I wonder what your take on the music would be.

You might hear a sadness and darkness in the violins.

Maybe a bright softness in the silence between the notes

Or perhaps you feel the energy of waves crashing….

And the fact is I could listen to that same piece of music and hear something completely different!!!

You might look at me like I am insane when sharing my perspective and I might feel the same confusion when hearing your own.

And both perspectives and viewpoints would be entirely correct.

Neither of us would be wrong.

How I perceive and experience is neither right or wrong

And how you perceive and see things is also equally valid

Now, most people can understand this at a base level and they can see it when brought down to a musical example.

But what about in all our relationships as a whole?

Are you truly seeing and honoring another person’s perspective and viewpoint or are you immediately dismissing them based upon your self-centered ego. Forgetting that your viewpoint is no more valid than another’s viewpoint.

And are you even willing to entertain another’s perspectives???

Many times in relationships we swirl things in our own mind and find all the evidence that supports our point. We often don’t create the TRUE SPACE (internally) in conversation and communication to actively hear what the other person is communicating.

We only instead hear our own self-centered (centered only within self) perspective.

The problem is that when we dismiss another person’s perspective and viewpoints then we also dismiss that person as a whole and put ourselves above that other person.

“The peasant does know what s/he is talking about”

When we tell someone their viewpoints and perspectives on an issue do not matter or perceive to know what they are thinking/feeling then we energetically spit in their face.

There is no love in the dismissal of another human being.

There is also no growth in the understanding and respect that we all come from different spaces and places.

This is not to say that we must agree with the other person…

It’s to say that you are wholeheartedly willing to hear that other person out before disagreeing and tossing them to the side.

It’s the creation of the pause and space before the reaction.

Those that are truly desiring to have a higher level of consciousness are willing and able to hold this space within and in relationships.

TRULY Listening to another person is often one of the best healing methods there is in relationship. We all desire to be seen, felt, and heard.

So if you say you are a conscious person…

If you have love towards another…

If you want to be a safe and trustworthy person…

Or simply don’t want to live self-centered…

Then pay attention to how you dismiss others views and perspectives. try to catch how often you say you care about another but don’t actually want to listen to them. Telling that other person how they are wrong without opening up your mind.

You may be shocked at the level of dismissal you have for not only your fellow man but also your loved ones and most intimate partners.

Many things in our world and relationships is like that piece of classical music…. there is not right or wrong!

Just different ways for it to be experienced!!

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