The Sins of Being A Sexual Woman… 🙏
A few days back I went on a first date and going into the date I was excited. He had shared that he was looking for some similar things in regards to kids, building a life, and dreams for the future. We met and although the conversation wasn’t terrible, I knew pretty quickly that he was not the right man for me!

During the date he inquired more about my business and what I meant by orgasmic frequency coach + tantric practitioner. He did some deep inquiry about my workshops and the type of clients that I help. I love the work I do! So shared on some of my favorite aspects of my work and how truly amazing it was to see my clients transformations. 💗
After the date he asked me if I wanted another date. I told him that I didn’t think it was a good match but enjoyed the conversation and getting to know him.
To my surprise I received a message back about how I would be a horrible choice to build a life/family with due to my business and me discussing sexual topics with others. It was simply inappropriate for a potential wife and mother. It made me “too wild” for him.
Which is hilarious because out of all the words that those closest to me would use to describe me… ”wild” is far from making the list. 🤣
😳 How could I ever be a mother!
😳How could I ever be a good wife!
😳How could I even show my face to society! (Okay that last one wasn’t really said 😂)
Because, I was comfortable talking about sexuality and because I myself had explored my sex. I fell instantly from The Virgin to the Whore!
(At least in this man’s eyes)
And this situation got me thinking of so many of my male clients that share that they want a woman that is sexually confident, initiates with them, and share desires in the bedroom.
They want the freak in the sheets… But they also want a “lady in the streets”. 💃
Many men think they want a woman that embraces her sexuality… until they get one. Then they are forced to deal and live up to a woman that is…
🔥Ravenous in the bedroom… and requires him to step up his orgasm and energy game!
🔥Asks for what she desires… meaning his ego might get pushed if she needs something different from him .
🔥Radiates orgasmic energy outside the bedroom, making her more attractive and playful… and thus stirring potential jealousy no matter how much she assures him.
Many men claim they want the Virgin ( but she gets boring and unfulfilling )
Many men claim they want the Whore ( but she pushes insecurities)
When the average woman is a conglomeration of these and many more archetypes.
And our enjoyment or comfort with sex does not make us good/bad.
It makes us human.
They fact is that our sexuality is vital part of us and without it we are left disconnected from our core. We are left disconnected from a piece of our power, spirituality, creativity, and passion. Without our sexual energy as a woman… we are left robots that don’t fully know self.
🥰A sexually confident woman can be an amazing wife, mother, daughter, etc.
There is a huge difference between a woman that doesn’t know boundaries, respect for others, and her relationships and a woman that embraces her sexual self!
Many PEOPLE (women judge women just as much) think that they no longer make these massive judgements but it’s a good opportunity to look at where we all still might hold judgment, shame, and label others based off of the Virgin/Whore Archetypes.
🤜 When a woman has a baby does your sexual view of them change?
🤜 When a woman shares her sexual desires does your view of them change?
🤜 When a woman does or doesn’t wear revealing clothing does your view of them change?
Just a view things to ponder!
For me…
👑On the days I’m in cozy sweaters… on the days I’m in sexy lingerie…
👑On days where I’m to found with a cup of tea and a book…
👑On days where I can be found having hot sex with a partner or myself
👑On days snuggling with my cats and my nephews
👑Or on days I’m snuggling with a partner in bed.
I’m going to keep rocking my apparently “wild” self! 🤣
Because at the end of the day there is nothing better then feeling your full self and energy.
Namasté my fellow wild women! 🙏
🔥🔥You know it’s TIME. Time to step up into your next level. 🔥🔥
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