We are not even complete with the first month of 2019 and as I look around I am seeing a whole lot of people struggling but I am seeing just as many people in a state of “meh”.

Yes, “meh” the state where you are not in a negative vibration but you also are not in a high vibration. Where someone is stuck in-between a state of peace and boredom.

Now, just like any human emotion it is normal to be in this state here and there. The problem being that it is a true crossroads point. It is a point where, although you don’t have any push to make a decisions, you must make a conscious decision on which way you are going to move.

The state of “meh” can lead us to a downward spiral of lacking in motivation and eventually to depression. The state of “meh” can also be a beautiful pausing point in which to sky rocket us to more joy and abundance.

The answer to the direction in which this pausing state moves is all up to you and the choices you make. If you look at your life or even just wake up one day (because we all do) and are in this in-between mood then your actions will truly make all the difference.

You can choose to consciously step into things that make you “feel good” such as a song that pumps you up, a book that you enjoy, going out to lunch with a friend, etc. Or you can choose to keep thinking the negative thoughts from your ego that will inevitably float into your mind, not take any conscious action, and thus spiral downwards.

Honestly even acknowledging that you are in a meh place and being extra loving towards self can make all the difference!

Though sometimes this state of “meh” can become a place where we choose to set-up camp and as I stated in the beginning this is what I am seeing many do. When we set-up consistently in this in-between ground then our lives are “fine” but nothing is a turn-on and you just sail through life without much passion and excitement. You end up constantly numb.
If you think about a heart beat… when it is in the horizontal point too long it means you have died.

Do you want to flatline this year?

I sure don’t! I want a turned on, passionate year that has joy, laughter, and beauty that makes the heart sing.

Notice when you have your meh days and weeks. See and try to learn what they are sharing with you because I promise there is a message. Use these times to connect with self more because THIS is where you will reconnect with little seeds of passion. It’s all an internal game.

The state off “meh” can be a beautiful pausing to re-evaluate and just take stock but it is also a precarious state. Which way it moves and if you end up stuck is all up to YOU.

Which way are you choosing to move today?

Wishing you all a passionate and turned on day!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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