I’m in the middle of receiving a personal tantric bodywork session… I laugh, I cry, I laugh and cry at the same time, and then, I suddenly go to a peaceful spiritual place where I see vivid white. Prior to leaving the session, I receive amazing grounding, but leave feeling like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and I am surprised at my reaction. I am driving home and suddenly feel slightly drunk. I have not had one drop to drink, but I feel disoriented and am feeling sick to my stomach as I pull in my driveway. I was told to go home and eat grounding foods, but right now, I feel like vomiting all over my home, though eating and water are essential for me, right now, to get back to myself. I go to my bedroom and strip and put on the biggest t-shirt and leggings I can find and curl up on the couch for the rest of the evening (Yep, super sexy). I have very interesting dreams throughout the evening and wake up feeling like I was hit by a truck, both physically and emotionally. I start 5, 10, 50 emails to my mentor to process what is stirred up, but truly have no words to capture what feels like intense crazy. Instead, I ground, I breathe, and I do all the things my training has taught me in managing after an intense session. I have to paddle my way through these waves of emotions and know I will be better for it.

As a tantric practitioner, when clients come to me, they usually speak about wanting to increase their pleasure in a multitude of ways. They want me to help them bust open their pleasure ceiling and find ecstatic bliss. My answer is usually, “Yes, I can help you with that,” but what I always have to bring into the conversation is that I cannot increase their pleasure, without them going through a certain level of discomfort or even pain, depending on the reason they are coming to see me. I can’t move people forward, without them breaking down old mental/physical blocks, which isn’t always a fun process.

When I do bodywork sessions for new clients, I always give them the warning that Tantric Bodywork changes you, and with that change can come some amazing feelings but also more difficult emotions. This is usually the time when I get a look telling me they think I am crazy with all my “WooWoo” energy talk. Prior to any client leaving a bodywork session, I remind them of how they can ground and that they may have some unexplainable emotions. Sometimes, people have beautiful bodywork sessions and have no physical or emotional reactions surface. Other times, they experience many memories, emotions, and physical ailments afterwards, both light and dark

The worst is when I get the text or email telling me they did not follow post-session instructions and went out drinking, ate fast food, and took no time to ground. It’s amazing how suddenly they are “believers,” and we have quick damage control to do to get their energy back to a grounded state. Though even for people who know what to expect, like myself, and follow instructions, it can still be a shock to the system when stuck energy releases.

As a self-protection mechanism, our bodies will store trauma at a cellular level. This stored trauma will often manifest in the pelvic region, which throws off the energy of the lower root and sacral chakras. When we go to get a regular massage, these areas are never touched, and even when having sex with a partner, there is unfortunately little time often spent massaging and working tense spots out of the muscles. When we enter the area of teaching Tantric massage, we often are releasing years of trauma and energy blocks. This is why it is so powerful when couples learn to do this work in unison.

That being said, our bodies and minds will only release what we can handle. Also, depending on the level of openness going in and throughout a session, some people may not allow themselves to open up to a level where deep release is possible. Though, when we truly allow ourselves to open to the energy and divinity during a session, it is amazing the healing work that can occur.

Yes, you may have to sort through some emotions for a day or two, but the sense of clarity and lightness that will follow is worth every moment of processing. When our bodies are free of trauma and negative energy, then our minds are more easily able to find a place of serenity.

Tantric Bodywork is a Beautiful and Life-changing Experience!

Here are suggestions for your next bodywork session:

  • Drink WATER!!! It is important you flush your system of all the toxins released during the session. Water will keep your body hydrated and defend against any aches/pains that may develop.
  • Eat Grounding Foods. After every session, I give my clients a piece of chocolate, because it provides a grounding energy. After session, eat primarily foods that come from the earth to provide an overall sense of grounding.
  • Rest. You may not go home, but try to take it slowly the remainder of the day. Engage in self-care and try to avoid emotionally taxing plans afterwards.
  • AVOID ALCOHOL!!! Please do not add drugs or alcohol to your system. You have just cleared your energy and possibly stirred up more difficult emotions, and so adding a depressant on top of this has the potential to take you to very negative places. Your body is most likely not going to tolerate drugs/alcohol the same directly after a session, making it a dangerous game to play.
  • Laugh, Cry, Sing, Etc. If you feel an emotion, then let yourself fully experience that emotion. And listen to your body regarding movement. Sessions may give you the desire to sing and dance or go for a run, while others may make you want to lie on the couch and read. Make sure you are following your natural instincts.
  •  Process. If you experience waves of emotions, then make sure you are processing by either contacting someone (tantric practitioner, friend, spouse, etc.) or by engaging in some journaling/art to give yourself an outlet. The more you can let the energy flow and not constrict, the easier it will be to let go.


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