The beautiful blues took my breath away!

The smells were taking over my senses and the sun on my skin.

I could almost hear the waves striking the rocks on the shore.

It was a moment of immense peace in a challenging day.

Because all of this was done in my living room as I looked upon a multitude of oceans from my previous travels.

Instead of simply longing to be there, I created the feeling in the moment.

I took a 2 minute vacation!

I could have gone there longer but I found the feeling I was desiring and I hung there for long enough to shift my internal energy.

I had taken a similar vacation a few hours earlier when washing my hands and my coconut soap smells drove my mind straight to the tropics. So I took an extra few minutes to truly allow the daydream and the beautiful energy transformation that can come with a daydream.

Daydreams and visualizations can hold an abundance of power if from a positive and free flowing space.

And these beach-like moments and feelings continued throughout my day as I called these vibes into my life from a non-resistant place.

Clients and followers often ask me for simple ways to turn their lives around and to lift a bad mood.

Taking just a minute or two to breathe into a moment of positivity can be the best way to do this… taking a mini vacation or meditation in your mind.

Connecting with your body!

Sometimes simple is the best answer and finding a tool you can use in a pinch and without much effort is the most effective way to deal.

Sure, deep meditations can be transformational and needed to tap into an even deeper layer… but sometimes all the time we have is a bathroom break or 2 minutes to close your eyes and drop into a different feeling.

So, today I simply offer you a no-brainer exercise to start implementing to keep you aligned throughout your day.

Breathe, let go, and focus on the feeling you desire.

Turn that into a scene that matches that desired feeling.

Breathe it in and hold for a minute.

The move on with your day.

Simple sometimes is the best way to success.

Let me know how it’s going for ya’ll!

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