There is a voice in your soul
And you can only hear this voice in the silence.
The breath between moments when you feel into your core and just connect with YOU.

There is a fear that can arise in these in-between breath moments. It is the fear of feeling the excitement, the newness of a situation, the love that is truly all around you, or the uncertainty of where this all goes next.

Then there is the inner voice that says, “Shh child, just breathe. Just be. This is your moment”


I lie here on the beach with the water lapping up on a sleepy little shore and I hear this voice. The voice that is romancing me with the wonder of the moment and the voice that says there is no one or nothing to be except fully ME in this moment.

I felt it last night in my lovers arms as he simply held me. The ego suddenly wanting to run because it’s “too good” and yet the soul stood there with a smile begging me to melt in. “Breathe this is datling because it was made just for you”.

Yes, there is a beautiful man with me and we are romancing each other…

But there is a greater more powerful ramp c e happening… The Romancing from God.

God showing us these orgasmic moments and calling us to him with the beauty and bliss. Calling us to him with each dropping in of six. Calling us to him in each lapping of a wave and he does this through all out senses.

But then there is that voice….

And unless we quiet our hearts and minds then we miss the moments. We miss the calling. We even miss the simple humanness of being with the ones we love and truly experiencing our lives.

It is the between the breath moments.
The ones that take your breath away.
The ones that make your heart beat faster.
The ones that even bring up nervousness and fear.

These are the seeping and expansion moments.

This is you..

Stepping forward of your path.
Living the dream

Love , Light & Blessings
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