🔥There is a ravishing beyond your imaginings… 🔥

Where you are in so much bliss that you don’t care that you are naked in all ways… open… vulnerable 

✨A penetration that is so deep it cracks open a piece of your very soul

The orgasmic energies are flowing and you feel electrified in your entire being.

Supremely present in your body while being present with the vibrations of your soul. 

A connection that makes you feel immensely intertwined. 

Not knowing or caring where one person ends and the other begins. 

The melting allows you to bee seen and known beyond words. 

🙏There is a ravishing beyond your imaginings but it requires that you rise up to meet it…

These places and spaces are available to you but you must first connect with self. 

Without dropping your guards to truly being present in your body and looking at all the dynamic aspects of self, you will not be able to reach these depths. 

This ravishing will always fall just out of reach. 

🔥Surrender is the name of the game. 🔥

The dropping of your armor and guards. Allowing yourself to see your messiness,  your light, and the darkness of your emotions. 

You must see it first before you can allow yourself to fully surrender to another. 

Getting naked physically is the easiest part. 

Getting in a space where you will allow yourself to…

💋Toss your head back and moan fully

💋Open your heart and allow the tears to flow

💋Drop into the body tremors as they take over and guide you deeper

💋Allow yourself to be held in the energetic as much as the physical.

This is how we find those new levels of ravishing. 

Because we find new aspects of ourselves in these moments. 

Many say pain teaches the greatest lessons. 

I would add that pleasure can be just as powerful of a teacher. 🙏

It can break through all the bullshiz and awaken us to the bliss of life. 

We just first have to open to the surrender within. 🔥

🔥Grab the Fire Within🔥

Love, 💋



👉You are hungry for the orgasmic life and orgasmic relationships that you hear about. 

At a soul level you know there is SO MUCH MORE available to you. 

But you find yourself uncertain how to move forwards and claim your life. 

Well my beautiful woman… I love to guide women like you!

💋It’s my passion. 

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