When I get there, my life will be perfect. When I get there, I will be happy. When I get there, I will be able to focus on my family/friends. When I get there, I will be able to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. There, There, There… but never Here.

I’ve said it, and I bet you have said it too. The comments about how things will be different when you have reached a goal. The problem being that, for most of us, this goal is a constant moving target or it never creates the total life change that we expect. We keep on a lifelong search for our happiness, joy, time, and perfect life that never comes. We put our joy off until the ‘perfect’ man/woman comes into our life, until we get that new promotion, until we have enough money in the bank, until we are fully enlightened, until… we die.

Goals are great, and I am a true believer that in order to pull into our lives what we desire, we must spend time visioning our future and also getting into the true yummy feelings of what it is we desire to manifest. The problem comes in when we attach these goals/dreams to our happiness because then we are continuously left chasing our happiness and chasing our lives in general. We are left sending out the vibration of fear because if we never get (fill in the blank), we will never be happy and we fear not finding that happiness. Although we may get a small jolt of contentment, joy, and happiness when we stumble upon some progress, it is never long-lasting. It is a vicious cycle!

I spent years and if I’m totally truthful, in my hyper-focused goal-achieving personality, still often catch myself getting stuck in this “when I get there” thinking. If you are anything like me, then you have had moments when things aren’t going your way, and you are left feeling like you will “never be happy” and that any joys are fleeting and you’re right! When we attach our joy, peace, and happiness to human-fleeting moments and especially the ones that have not happened, then we won’t ever truly find peace.

When we are constantly looking ahead, then we are missing out on the present moment. This is how we learn to live our lives, so even if we do manifest what we desire into our lives and are smack dab in the middle of happiness, we don’t notice it because we are ten steps ahead of ourselves. We have not learned to live in the present moment enough to truly embrace the moment and be fully present in the magnificent moments that make life worth living. Let me tell you a story…

IMG_3605Last January, I found myself in the Dominican Republic on a beautiful trip with a friend. I had planned this trip, made sure that every element of the trip was just right, put in some great manifesting time, and when we arrived, I was left open-mouthed at the beauty and magnificence of the private villa I had manifested. I honestly am still amazed looking back at the beauty that surrounded me; from the bedroom to the private patio on the ocean, to the soul opening vision of the stars each night. It was something totally out of my dreams and was not even close to any luxury I have ever experienced before. Though I found myself in the midst of this happiness caught in a state of worrying about what awaited me back home, what I needed to get done for my business, how now that I was able to manifest this that I needed to start working on big better goals, and so on. Although I had some great moments on that trip, looking back, I also realize that I stole so many moments from myself as well. I had finally gotten a “There” moment, and I skimmed right over it with worry, goals, and negativity. Yes, I created this amazing moment, but didn’t truly feel it entirely because I was stuck in my head and stuck in the future.

It is an important harmony between getting in touch with what we desire for our future and what we are experiencing right now. When we never think about the future, then it is easy for us to get thrown off course of our aligned purpose for our lives and not make strides in taking aligned action at the moment, but if our heads are constantly 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years down the road, then we are also not experiencing the delicious joy of right now. If we are not happy in the now, then we are not going to be happy in the future. Even if we are trying to create even more amazingness in our lives, we first need to be sending out the positive vibration from the now. This is done by being and noticing joy now, gratitude now, wonderment now, right now in the here and now; so that we can eventually move there and still bring these emotions with us.

It’s about creating those feelings in the now even if you don’t have your desired goal now. If you want to have more love in your relationships, then focus on the love you have now. If you desire fun and play, then find a way to get present in the moments of fun and play now. If you desire financial abundance than every time, you get any amount of money, and I mean even .50 cents, then take a moment of gratitude that you are constantly receiving money and create that abundant feeling in your body.

If you are used to living in the future, then this is not an overnight fix. It’s going to a be a practice of consistently coming back to the now. On some days, it may be a noticing that you need to make 100 times in an hour, but with consistent practice, you will get used to living from a state of presence, and you will notice some great changes in your life!



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