The room was dark and candlelight was all around me.
I stood in the center of the room alone on my yoga mat.
Apparently no one else wanted to come to this calm audio-guided class today.

I said to myself, “All alone today Addison. Let’s give it all we’ve got”.
But then I stopped in my thought.
I looked around and saw all the flickering candles and they reminded me of all the help I’ve got from my angels and guides.


Then I remembered all the love and support that I have around me in my daily life and despite them not being in the moment present… they are ever present in my heart and mind.

I was not alone… and I am never alone.
But yet, I am always alone.
Alone in my decisions. Alone in my thoughts.

Even if there were 20 other people in my class today, I would still alone be the one that made the decision of if I was going to do what I needed to do or if I was going to slack.

In that moment… In that room…
I was fully present with self. I was connected with my body. Was supporting myself. And was allowing the Universal energies and messengers to support me as well.


I opened up to the energy that never leaves us alone.
We are always supported but it is ours to choose to open to or to resist.

At the end of the day we are the ones that are the creator of our lives and energies. We can choose to step into the life we are wanting to to continue to step away from it each and every day. We can choose to work with our vibrations and expand upwards or to allow ourselves to spiral downwards.

At the end of the day we can choose to be present with ourselves and love ourselves… while also kicking our butts.

Other people in our lives are AMAZING!!!
And it feels great to have others around us to lift us up and support us but this should be the cherry on the top.

We first have to love and support ourselves and surrender to the love and support that is ever-present all around us.

You deserve the love
You deserve the support
You deserve the life of your desires


But it takes you being with self in body, mind, and spirit
It takes you continually reaching for a higher vibe and slowing down.

It takes you realizing that…
No matter how many people are or are not around you…

This is your life to live!

~Recover Your Life!~

Love, Light, & Blessings,


Ready to stop settling for normal?
Desiring the extraordinary?
Know you were meant to live for more than what is currently in your life?

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