This may seem harsh…
It is!

You’re lazy and just complaining!

You’re not ready
You’re not even ready to be ready
You are just complaining about all you don’t have and all that has yet to show up for you in the now.

But the funny thing is that you aren’t making any effort to change.

You aren’t expending any energy…
In the physical or non-physical

No mindset work!
No physical work!
No vibrational work!
Not even getting quite enough to hear the soul within you that you are currently strangling under the covers of complaining!

But you sit there whining that you want…
Better sex, an amazing relationship, more presence, a more profitable business, better financial flow, and so on!

Whiney and bitchy!

You continue on with doing the same thing every day and expecting some miraculous different result.

People call me insane for all my crazy spiritual manifestation ideas but doing the same thing over and over again is true insanity!

You think the same old money mindset will call in your millions!
You think the same old way of dating will call in the next love of your life!
You think the same old or even different sex positions will reinvent your sex!

???? You’re hilarious!!!

It’s not going to happen.
You’re going to have to take aligned action
You’re going to have to decide to make changes
You’re going to have to choose to make you the most important person in your own life!

You’re going to have to stop bitching and whining and change up your vibration!!!!! That is what you are going to have to do.

You can have the sex, the relationship, the business, the mindfulness, the body, the finances, and everything else but you have to step the heck in!

No one wants to hear your complaining anymore!!!

And if they do it is because they enjoy your misery too!

Because someone that cares about you would tell you to straighten your butt up and start taking some action!

We all need to have some room to share emotions
We all can find ourselves in frustration!

But if you’re not doing anything or avoiding the things that your soul says you should be doing …

The things that would help you to make progress on your goals like mindset work, coaching, exercise, meditation, etc.

If you are complaining and not doing any of the above you simply look like an unfocused whiner!

You might have others in your life that want to keep you small and are okay with your lazy complaining…

But I love you enough to say that unless you are in the arena getting your butt kicked, opening, searching, discovering, and expanding….

Or at the least getting ready to get ready

Then don’t come complaining to me about not having what you desire.

I have a huge heart and hold fierce space!!!
It’s my superpower


I don’t enable people to sit on the sidelines complaining!

This is your life to live…
And so go live it beautiful!

You’re worth it and can have it!

But energy is required!

Sending you all…

Some Fierce Badass Energy!


No more excuses for not changing up your world
Stepping in
Owning it
and doing the damn thing

Until May 22nd.

These must be booked prior to May 22nd

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