“This year’s love had better last
Heaven knows it’s high time
I’ve been waiting on my own too long”
– David Grey “This Years Love”

We want the fairy tale romance now.
We don’t want to wait
And we look to every relationship as a black or white
Yes or No.

Are they in or are they out.
We jump from person to person checking off our lists
We search and focus on the love we haven’t found
Where is Mr./Mrs. Right

Never stopping to see this year’s actual love
Never stopping to consider the lessons
from Mr./Mrs. Right NOW!

The connection and love with those around us both intimate and non-intimately focused.

We want this years love to last forever…
But maybe this years love is the thing that we need to lead us to our forever love.
Maybe the love and experiences that we are having right now are the perfect steps to growing us in a way, to be ready for that ultimate love.

The love that lasts!
And in truth, opening us up to the love that is always readily available to each of us.

Though instead we sit looking at how we’ve been alone far too long. We convince ourselves we aren’t worthy of anything more. That potential past amazing experiences were just a fluke and that we can’t ever have that again.

So we settle.
Either alone
Or for good enough

Losing sight of that feeling we are trying to create.
But not losing sight of it in the grasping way.
Because trying to grasp something… especially a feeling
Never works.

Looking at where we have that feeling in the now and choosing and picking all the places where we ARE receiving exactly what we are looking for out of love.

Maybe it’s a sweet moment with you child in a hug
Maybe it’s a fit of laughter with you best friend
Maybe it’s a moment of connected sex with the person you are dating.

Not settling but just cherishing these moments and seeing them as the way that the Universe is showing you that it’s yours for the taking. That you CAN HAVE and are WORTHY of great love.

Sometimes Mr/Mrs. Right now is beautiful and just what we need in the moment. Instead of looking at all the ways we aren’t finding “the one”.

Because you will never know if this is the right one or truly get your lessons of expansion if you are never dropping into that other person. Always marking off your checklist.

Date 100 people… that’s fine
But make sure you are dropping into all 100 people and getting the essence in which to move forwards with in your life.

We are not meant to be alone forever.
Us humans are made to connect.

But you have to slow down and get in touch with the love in order to find that level of filling connection.

For now… give this years love a chance!

Love, Light, & Blessings,