✔️Those moments when you make a mess of it all and have to face your shadows
✔️Those moments when you wish you could rewind time an hour, a week, months prior and make alterations
✔️Those moments that are so earth shaking that you find yourself suddenly awake when you never realized you were asleep
✔️Those moments of confusion when you are shaky and uncertain
✔️Those moments that you want to rip your chest open to get to the aching heart beating inside your chest

These moments remind you that you are ALIVE.

They are the moments that remind you that you are BLESSED… yes BLESSED.

Blessed because if you feel such pain then that means there was something in your life that MATTERED.

If it didn’t matter then it would be no big deal to lose… whether that is finances, a dream, a relationship, or anything else in your life.

It wouldn’t hurt if there wasn’t some blessing and beauty within. Whether you chose to acknowledge that blessing at the time or not. The fact is that it was there in your life.

These moments help us in many ways even when that feels furthest from the truth in the moment.

They help you to see yourself. They are deep moments of learning.

Do you shut down and give up? Do you lean into love? Or lean into hatred? Blame & point fingers at self or other? Or do you continue to step forward in love?

These moments in anyones life can be challenging. However, in the end it is if you choose to let your heart be hardened. It is how you decide to act, look, and grow in these moments that clarify what the future will bring. And who you are at your CORE.

It is like the Lord Tennyson quote states, “Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”.

Pain in our lives in these times show us that we have opened our hearts. And I for one never want a closed down heart. I never want to lose my ability to love and have a opened heart. Though it can hurt like hell at times!

That heart whether closed, open, pure, or filled with negative energies will SHOW in these moments. The energy will radiate from your very being.

I wish I could send you some HUGE, AMAZING, LIFE FIXING ANSWER in these moments. The truth is there is nothing in the above moments that will fix the pain.

You CAN make the choice to dig deeper into your heart.
You CAN choose to learn the lessons that are being provided to you
You CAN choose to step deeper into FAITH and SURRENDER to God.

And you CAN get through it!

To all those clients, friends, family, and everyone out there that I don’t have the pleasure of knowing personally. From my heart to yours…

Love, Light, & Blessings

? Addison ?


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