I stare at the cup and wonder why the heck I brought it home. Why have I brought this memento back into my life?

I know the logical reason… I was going through very old storage boxes and found it. It is a perfectly great coffee mug. Why not?

Though as I sat there this morning in a pretty good mood and looked at this seemingly harmless coffee mug I was flooded with heart-breaking memories. Memories that although tinged with some happiness overall reminds me of one of the hardest times in my life. I feel it’s energies sucking away my positive focused mood.

So why do we choose to pull these things through our lives?
We call these things memories but how many of the memories that you have chosen to physically or energetically pack up into a suitcase and drag through your life are joy filled and how many are laced with negativity, pain, and hurt?

On one hand the memories that hold pain can sometimes hold deep healing if we work through them and are able to see the beauty. These are the memories that are at their core positive but just are tinged with a slight feeling of nostalgia. A feeling of loss. we can learn things and grow from these memories.
Then there are the letter, mementos, and memories we drag around in order to remind us of our hurts and hangups. The things we use to validate our victim status, our brokenness, and the major mistakes we have made in our lives. These serve to only pull us down.

So today I finished my coffee (because one doesn’t want to waste good coffee) and then I threw that memory filled cup out. I didn’t need the energy. I didn’t need a daily reminder of my past. I didn’t want to continue to carry my old self through my new life.

My question is where are you still holding onto things like this in your own life? Where are you holding onto aspects of the past to validate negativity in your life? Where are you lying to yourself that mementos have “positive” memories when your spirit is really crying out the very opposite?
Think today over your boxes, your storage, your shelves, and where your mind goes.

Walk through your home and ask yourself… “Does this bring me joy or bring me down?”. If the answer is down then THROW THAT SH*T AWAY!!!

Wishing your light, love, and positive energy!