It is the morning of my 33rd Birthday! My Master Number year. YAY!!! Another year filled with blessings, lessons, and love.

Time, it is a funny thing. I sit here at my kitchen table writing this and feel both old and young at the same time. I think of the beautiful years that have gone by and I think of the ones that are still to come.

Time is a funny thing because it is 100% free and yet it is priceless because we can never get it back. It is by far our most precious asset.

One can’t help on their birthday to evaluate their time. I look back and see all the time really well spent with helping friends, sharing love, building the business of my dreams, sharing with clients that I adore, and the travel I have had over the last year. All truly value based time spent for me!

Though I also look at time wasted. Moments when I allowed my fears, doubt, and uncertainty to get in the way of my dreams. Moments when I did not take inspired actions in my life. Moments when I was not living from my truth of love. Time that can never be gotten back but yet still with it’s lessons.

It is a beautiful process of evaluation. It is a wake up call that comes each year reminding me that I am not getting any younger and my dreams are still calling. There is still so much life to live and yet time is never promised in these human bodies.

It is a magnificent reminder a the beginning of a truly special spiritual year to grasp life NOW. To keep on living my TRUTH and OWNING IT more every single day, every single moment, and in every way possible.

I have no regrets…only lessons. I am looking forward to a truly inspired year.

Though if you are anything like me, and you probably are if you have made it thus far in the article, then you want to live ON PURPOSE, BLISSED OUT, and in your TRUTH.
So why waste another day?

Why wait until your birthday, your anniversary, New Years, or any other occasion to become purposeful.

You have the choice to evaluate your life each and every day. Asking yourself who you want to be today and how you want to show up. Seeing what actions and what emotions you can step into in this moment to manifest and create your Blissful Life.

On my birthday I take more time to evaluate these questions but honestly it is more of a daily practice. Make it part of your daily practice as well!

It will change your life

Time is never promised and so live for TODAY.

Make whatever year your in the best year yet.
I know I intend for 33yr to be the most magical and amazing years of my life!

Sending everyone….

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison B.

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