You don’t want to look at it.
You don’t want to feel it.
You hardly want to admit it’s there at all!

You instead want to convince yourself and those around you that you are “fine”. You are high-vibing and doing great. You are focused on the positives.

When in truth it’s eating away at you and keeping you stuck.
Your shadow.
Your darkness.
Your doubt, lack of self-worth, and all the negative beliefs about self.

You look around you and wonder why you aren’t making progress and moving forwards.

Well darling, it’s your shadow that is the problem.
You aren’t willing to look at it and thus you remain small because we can’t grow into our light unless we also grow into our darkness.


It’s always a two way expansion!

And in truth it’s not just looking at your shadow but also accepting your shadow. Owning these pieces of self and how they do serve you in your world.

But, but, but….

It’s also not using this work as a way to continue to play small.

It’s about recognizing that you will never be fully “healed, fixed, or actualized” and thus stepping into your life and who you are from where you are right now in this moment.

Our shadows will play games with us telling us that we need to keep doing our work and that we are not good enough… thus we never step out to truly SEE our whole self. To experience our darkness and also our light.

Though if we are also so focused on the light then we also miss and will lose the true dynamic nature of who we are.

When we are friends with our shadow then we have a true communicative relationship with these aspects of self. Meaning that we can greater work with these aspects. Allowing them to have their voice but not control us.

Otherwise we will burst these aspects of self off at inopportune times and often without our knowledge. Thus harming our relationships, dreams, and goals as our darkness sabotages.

Though we must LIVE to truly get a better understanding of this. Our shadows are not something to be controlled and coralled but to be explored and experienced. Thus we msut step into our lives and learn as we go.

Not ignore them.
But also not stop our lives until we have “dealt” with them.

It’s about gaining conscious awareness and opening new doors for that awareness to become a reality.

It’s about becoming more dynamic as an individual.The more you own and acknowledge these pieces then the more light and beauty you have an opportunity to step into.

At some point you have to decide. Yes, DECIDE to not allow your negativity to control you. To see the negative thoughts, the belies systems, the struggle, the lack of worthiness, the doubt…

And see it but say… “No thank you, I’m still choosing ME. I’m still expanding. I’m choosing worth, love, and certainty.”

Acknowledging but moving forwards anyways.

But without the acknowledging… the owning…
You will remain stuck.

And you have so much more to share!
Choose your WHOLE SELF!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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