To the Woman that Isn’t Orgasmic…

Darling, this is a story you’ve been telling way too long. Every woman is orgasmic. Every woman has that fire within that burns in her very core.

Right now it might feel dim and be hard to locate but I promise that it’s there. It’s right there smoldering like an ember about to take flame.

You are orgasmic and always have been orgasmic.

Orgasm isn’t one thing… it’s everything. It comes in a million different ways and so lets rethink how we think of orgasm. Let’s expand it out from it’s normal directly genitally focused definition in our society. Orgasm is a wave of energy with peaks and valley. It’s you noting all the beautiful and blissful sensations that arise in your body.

And darling…. If you want to be sexually orgasmic then it’s also not too late. You might be thinking that it’s not worth all the trouble or that you don’t even understand why it’s so important. But it’s vitally important for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

It will make you feel alive again and turned onto your life. It will open you up to even more power, purpose, and flow.

However, it will take you stepping in and healing all those pieces and memories you haven’t wanted to deal with over the years. It will require your acceptance of both your laughter and your tears. It will REQUIRE your surrender…

Because without surrender you won’t ever fully feel its depths or dive into releasing the woman you truly could be, not just in the bedroom, but in life. Surrender to not just your partner but also and more importantly to yourself!

You are going to have to commit to working with your own body and beginning to love it again. You are going to have to learn to communicate your wants and desires in and out of the bedroom. Yes, I just used the scary word…. Desire… you have to accept yours!

If you want to feel the full power of your feminine then you must release the pussy power! You have to allow your psyche and physical body to be cleared and cleansed of all the traumas both big and small.

All the times you said yes when you meant no…
All the times you never got yours in the bedroom…
The difficult labors…
The heartbreaks…
The rapes and abuses…

These all want to be released and they want to leave you with a gift. The gift of a true and deep orgasmic self.

You can have it. I promise you that you were born with the power of orgasm and will die with the power of orgasm. Right now you might be a little numbed out but it’s not lost.

Take it from someone that years ago was where you potentially are right now. Feeling frustrated, numbed, and lacking in the bedroom. Although I enjoyed life it always felt like it had this barrier between the true joy and feelings of bliss. I thought I could never be orgasmic! I knew I could occasionally have a quick high-ended climax but didn’t believe that I was physical capable of having an orgasm or deep pleasure.

With some self-love, some deep connection with my body, communicating to my lovers, and energy release… I found myself a new woman.

And you have that same potential.

I know that it’s been a long and daunting road. I know that you might have a million emotions come up just from the thought of orgasm or you’re lack thereof. But I promise you that you are worthy and deserving of this beautiful innate piece of yourself.

You can get there.

Yes, orgasm is in the bedroom but it’s also all around you.

It’s the warm sun on your skin.
It’s those butterflies in your stomach
It’s the way your clothes sweep gently across your skin
It’s the goosebumps when talking to God.

It’s within you… you just have to set it free!

I believe in you!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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