Too Many Cooks in the Relationship Kitchen 🍝🍽
During the recent holiday, my mother at one point stated…
“There are too many cooks in this kitchen”, kindly asking everyone to leave her alone to finish the meal.
But this statement hit deeper than needing a bit of space to finish up a holiday meal.
Later on someone asked me about a romantic relationship in my world and then they all proceeded to give their opinions.
Too many cooks in my relationship kitchen!!!
It hit home with me about how often we let others, that aren’t actually part of the relationship, in-between our connections.
Letting other people’s views, perceptions, and beliefs about our connections skew and alter how we think and feel about a relationship. And if we get enough cooks in the kitchen, that environment WILL skew us whether we wish it too or not.
Our environments play a huge role in how we think and feel… even how we think and feel about the people in our lives.
Whether it be romantic, family, friendship, colleague…
No one but the two individuals in that connection know the energy in the connection.
Anyone outside is simply inputting their perspective that doesn’t have the same feeling, energy, or relationship with that other person. Each and every connection is unique.
Now, other people’s viewpoints CAN be helpful in allowing us to see different sides and open our minds up to different possibilities we aren’t seeing in a relationship.
Though, in any relationship if you find yourself talking to others more about the relationship than talking to that other person about the relationship… you have let the cooks invade the kitchen and place other ingredients in the meal.
So I ask you today to ponder a few things when thinking about your relationships….
1) How do these other people talk about the other person? Do they have an agenda or negative skew that could be getting under your skin?
2) Are the discussions with others true sharing/problem solving or is it gossiping and throwing more fuel on a fire? Or is it lifting that other person up in a positive light?
3) Do you talk to the person you are in relationship with more or about that person more?
4) Pay attention to the words others use about your relationship. Are they simply reflecting back the way you truly talk about someone you state you love?
5) What is making you triangulate the relationship? What are you trying to achieve?
Next time your friend is talking about another of your friends… or your kids are talking about your mate… or your complaining about that colleague to your husband…
I hope you pause and think about some of the above.
Let’s create healthy authentic relationships!
Keep unneeded cooks out of your relationship kitchen!
Grab the Fire Within!
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