I’m lying on my floor and doing some journaling work before heading off to bed tonight. 

I am deeply concentrating and releasing as I write when my cat Athena comes over. Plops down on my journal and begins to meow. I promptly remove her and carry on. Then she lies down beside me and rolls to show me her stomach and continues to rub her head against my hand. She is now begging and I mean begging cat style for attention. 

I pat her head and give a few rubs. Yet she continues. I finally sit up and she crawls in my lap and begins to pur and nudge my hand for some pets and snuggles. I laugh!

Honestly some petting and snuggling sounds divine to me too! Obviously with someone other than Athena but it does get me thinking about the human need for touch.

In past research studies, when such research was legal, they actually found that people die from lack of physical touch. There becomes a failure to survive in infants that are not touched and although we might not have as obvious reactions once grown… the fact is that touch still remains essential.

When we are touched enough it actually stabilizes our immune systems, decreases depression, and lowers anxiety. 

Although we live in a world that talks about sex frequently, the fact is that most of us are under-touched! Even if you are having sex consistently there is actually still a chance that you are not getting truly touched and held in this sexing (meaning your probably also under-f*cked). 

Touch doesnt mean sex. And although I am always a fan of good sexing… when was the last time you were truly just touched and held without anything to do with the sexual?

When was the last time you got a long heart-centered hug?
When was the last time you snuggled up just for the pure reason of needing a snuggle? 
When was the last time someone you touched someone just to make them feel loved?

As children we have no issue doing any of the above. We give innocent beautiful hugs. We touch a person’s arm if they are hurt or offer a massage. And we would crawl up in our parents laps to get some pure od heart snuggles. 

Lol, just like Athena tonight!

My question to you is when did this change? At what age did it become sinister and have to mean something sexual to just enjoy hugs, touches, and snuggles?

Human touch is so important! 
And many of us fight leaning into ot as adults. We think we are beyond needing it and so become actually hardened against it. So even when we do get these moments we are not able to truly drop in and feel. To pull in the beautiful energy being shared. We cut off our ability to receive.

Tonight I challenge you to touch the person beside you with love and reverence. I challenge to touch yourself with reverence.

And if you have a cat that climbs into your lap… Yes touch your cat with reverence too ?

Light, Love, & Blessings