Ladies, we are running around in generational trauma!!
This last two weeks has triggered many women into what can only be defined as a state of trauma.
The loss of the rights to our own bodies!
We can talk about the Supreme Court, about state legislation, gender bias when most of our politicians are men, and the bible.

And these are all extremely important and valid things that we must discuss but what I also think needs to be discussed is the sexual trauma triggers that women of this country are currently having to process through.
When we take away a woman’s rights to her body it feels very much like rape, incest, and childhood sexual abuse.
1 in 4 women have experienced sexual abuse in their lifetime and that is the number based off of what we KNOW about in this country.
So we are already dealing with a population that has had their physical rights to their own bodies violated at some point in their lives and those trauma triggers stay in the system.
They stay so far into our systems that we can experience triggers in the body from generations prior. Research has been done on how trauma will ingrain even into future generations to process and manage.
So when we as woman, some of us who have had the experience of sexual trauma in our lives, get told we are once again losing the rights to our own bodies it triggers intense trauma in the system.
It creates hyperawareness in the nervous system and a shutting down of other systems. Our emotions go on high alert to sense danger and there is a “kill or be killed” instinct that can be triggered.
When you tell someone that they know longer get to choose if they live or die and that another person gets to make that choice for you… A fully functioning human adult-life
It is scary and it triggers generations of trauma in our DNA.
Since time began a woman’s vagina has been used as a way to gain control. It’s been a power source that has been tried to be squashed in order to gain control over whole societies.
(See a wonderful resource for more information below)
I’ve seen many comments this last week with people thinking that woman are just “overreacting” or “not thinking rationally”.
This is an insult to the very real trauma response that is happening all around this country at the moment.
Women are in a fight for their very lives and freedoms.
Now, I’m not a massively political person but I wanted to bring this up because I feel it’s important to recognize the trauma response that could unconsciously be coming up in yourself or the woman that you love.
In these crazy times it’s IMPERATIVE to ground ourselves first and foremost in our bodies. To own the emotions that are arising and direct that to real change. It’s important that we also tune into that divine feminine energy and use that beautiful energy in all it’s fierceness to stand in our beliefs.
Trauma triggers are known to make us…
Notice what your natural response is to the last few weeks and then try to reengage and ground into your system as a whole.
THIS is when you will have the most clear and concise knowledge of how to move forward.
The feminine energy is beautiful flowy energy but it can also burn down a whole flippin’ forest too.
And to my wonderful men that are standing beside their fellow humans… understand that you will never fully understand. But that we do love and appreciate the masculine by our sides as we walk into this war zone. We need you too.
I know this same two weeks has also been hard for you… so keep fighting with us!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
** Book recommendation: Naomi Wolfe – “Vagina: A New Biography **
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