Your diet, detox, and restricting of foods is NOT TANTRIC.

It’s that time of year again!
Diets, detoxes, and what to and to not eat posts are EVERYWHERE.
Ever year it truthfully makes my skin crawl.

I see people leading others further and further away from connection with their bodies and spirits through “snake oil” diets, fads, and detoxes. They often time have “scientific proof” to support these diets but in the end it is just another scheme and leaves us as individuals at a new level of disconnection from self.

The other day I had a woman message me about joining a Keto group to which I kindly responded that I did not do keto and so was not interested. She pressed telling me that once she was a beginner too and to give it a try. Once again I stated that I wasn’t interested in keto. Then in her last post she listed all the reasons… without knowing me, my history, my body, or what I eat… that I PERSONALLY NEED KETO!!

I have said it once and I will say it again…
I don’t believe in diets
I don’t believe in fad restrictive food
I eat a healthy and balanced diet and don’t cut out any food outside of the few I’m legit allergic too.
Even… ?the horror…SUGAR ? ?

(Come to the dark side… we have chocolate!)

I spent years restricting not just food but everything in my life in the midst of anorexia and I don’t feel the need to torture not just my body but my mind… and F*CK up my natural metabolism. But also to disconnect me from all the beautiful work I’ve done throughout the years connecting deeply with my body.

But I see people every day claiming to do these diets and fads to connect deeper with self and to better self. They claim it makes them more spiritual.

As a tantric practitioner, I can’t think of anything less tantric and spiritual than a regimented plan, structure, and restriction of food (or anything else).

Whenever we take on this kind of rigidity, we end up disconnecting from our bodies actual needs and desires. We lose that beautiful inner conversation with our bodies and instead insert our own ego thoughts and opinions on what is best for us. There is no flow and connection to self in a diet. There is no reveling in the foods and truly enjoying the flavors, textures, and sensations. Diets do not allow us to make love to our food.

And when these type of diets, detoxes, and fads are taken on just to lose weight… we are also circumventing some massive work that needs to be done. We are not accepting out bodies the way they are and we are trying to control something that we should instead be partnering with each day. Or if there is a true health reason to lose weight we disconnect from the fact that our emotions and energies are often holding much of our weight in place.

Though instead we gloss over all of that and jump to restricting sugar, carbs, fasting, etc.

We have insanely smart bodies that will tell us what we need, how much we need it, and when we need it. The second we start inserting a rigid plan then we start messing with that connection.

Now, thats not to say don’t question what you are eating. Not to say to throw yourself head first into food that are not encouraging your health.

Are minds and bodies are pendulums. If we restrict ourselves in one way then eventually we will end up swinging back the other direction. Instead just find your harmony and avoid the back and forth.

It means to eat tantricly!
Inquire with yourself why you are choosing to eat the foods you are choosing. Wonder about what foods feed your energy and eat more of these and less of the foods that pull your energy down. Look at if you are choosing to eat all the chakras. Then also wonder about the foods that satisfy you from a feel good perspective and make sure you are including these in your diet now and again too.

It requires you to actually connect with your body daily and to acknowledge when you are not connecting to your body. It brings up some beautiful learnings.

Here’s some questions to start with…
Why is it so difficult for me to connect with my food? What does this bring up in me?

What am I avoiding by trying to be overly controlling with what I am putting in my body?

Where am I not showing my body the love and care it needs by what I am eating?

Why is it so hard for me to treat myself?

Hopefully 2020 is the year you stop fighting with the vehicle that helps you through this world!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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