OMG!!! Why is this playing again??
I love the song but over the last week it has haunted me!

? I’m out on a date….
? “Bring your secrets, bring your scars” ?
? Driving home from seeing clients
? “Bring your glory, all you are” ?
? Streaming a random playlist on shuffle
? “Bring your daylight, bring your dark” ?
? In a store shopping
? “Share your silence, And unpack your heart” ?

A huge piece of my heart SCREAMS!
“Why, God? Why? Do you want me in a pile of tears on the grocery store floor? Or while having a perfectly normal conversation with my date?”

I feel like I have daggers ripping through me as the words are sung out in a somewhat upbeat tone.

Years ago I gave this song to someone as a gift.
At the time I just loved the song and it shared the message of gratitude that I was trying to get across.
At the time I had no idea that this song would end up always linking my mind back to this particular person. And some AMAZING memories.

Which when things were AMAZING it was always AMAZING to hear this song… but when things get rocky in our lives and in our relationships sometimes we simply want to avoid.

Avoid the perceived negatives!
Avoid the perceived positives!
Avoid the simple emotions!
Avoid thinking about anything at all that could even potentially have the ability to crack open our hearts.

Sounds like a good healthy viable plan to me! ?

Funny how I was running from a song about unpacking the very thing I am trying to avoid!

This song that I have not heard for months coming to me out of nowhere, a minimum of 1x/day…

If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is!

But what is the message?
So today I purposely turned this song on in the midst of some huge shifts.
I thought about what it brought up for me…

It was a message to truly remember
It was a message that not all is lost
It was a message that I could choose to sit in sadness or could smile at all the curves, turns, and plot twists over the last few years.
It was a message of true unconditional love
It was a message to kick my sorry butt back into the vibration of those AMAZING MEMORIES.

And more than that it was a message to focus in on the contrast in the lyrics.

? “Where the sunlight ends”
? “Your sorrow, your beauty, your war”
? “When you stumble and fall”
? “Bring your glory”

I know you are wondering why I am sharing this with you today

Why would I go on and on about a song and my personal messages from said song?

The truth is that when we are in the highs of life, be it in relationship, career, body, we romanticize the contrast.

We can talk about wanting to come from a heart-centered place.
We can talk about really digging in deeper.
We can talk about all of our goals and dreams
We can talk about wanting a depth in our relationships

But it is only talk until we go from the mountains to down in the trenches and have to walk our talk.

When you say you trust in God to provide for you…
… do you listen to the fear in the moment or push it away?
When you say you love someone unconditionally ….
… do you run when things get tough or do you weather the storm for a relationship worth saving?
When you say we have a passion for your career…
… do you hide when the haters come or do you jump in deeper to that desire to drive your forwards?

If you claim to, “want it all”, like the song says then are you truly wanting it all? The more you dive into the light you must also dive into the shadow.

Are you willing to take the dive?
Are you willing to show up like you claim?
Are you willing to admit when you f*ck it up and don’t show up like you claimed?
Are you willing to love a person, career, passion in whatever way it shows up that day?

Then soldier on fellow Spirit Warrior!

I’m here because I truly do want to shine a light. I’ve had others shine a light for me and so I wish to do so with you.

Whether on the mountain or in the trenches tonight…

I’m sending you all…


Here is a link to “Unpack Your Heart” by Phillip Phillips

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