You can’t get a woman out of her masculine if you are making her do everything. The feminine requires a lead.

One of the most common things I hear from men is that they desire their woman to be in the feminine. They see thir partners bitchy, hormonal, and not dropping down in the bedroom and look to her asking…

“Why can’t you get into the feminine?”, “Why aren’t you glowy and free flowing like that woman over there?”

Well, there are several reasons for this…

One might just be YOU!!


Pull your head out of your A*S and maybe she will drop into the feminine.

Let’s get real…

If you are not presenting a masculine lead then she will not drop into the feminine. Not in life. Not in the bedroom. Not in her energy.

If a woman is left to do everything in her life then she is forced to step into the masculine energies. She can’t be flowing and free in her feminine if she is not able to let go of the real life responsibilities.

You might sit there thinking…

“I’d help if she ask!!!”
Well guess what… that’s not leading. That’s making her lead and making her beg which is not a sexy or free flowing characteristic in a woman.

The woman that has to beg to get sh*t done
The woman that has a million tasks on her plate
The woman that has lived alone for years

All women need a masculine lead!!!


Needing to take the reins and allow them to surrender into the fun, joy, and passions of life.
And if she isn’t able to do this in her daily life then she sure as hell won’t be able to do this in the bedroom.

Thus, she won’t be able to surrender fully to her orgasm and allow the dropping of vital chemicals in her brain. Women need the deeper orgasmic energy to fill them mind, body and soul.

So now to you pulling your head out of your A*s!

You have to woo your woman… any woman in your life into this state.
You have to offer help and before she is begging
You have to understand that if she has been in her masculine a long time then it’s going to take both patience and work in order for her to finally trust and drop in.

Although, she is responsible for dropping in and surrendering once space has been held…

You are responsible for getting out of your own feminine long enough to realize where you are forcing you woman in the masculine.

I encourage your to look at your actions and if you are stepping up or if you are simply pointing blame and expecting something for nothing. Expecting her to drop into the feminine without you changing your behavior.

She might drop in to the feminine but it won’t be in your arms or your life unless you make some massive changes in how you are approaching!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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