It’s the end of a beautiful day…

Did you make your day worthwhile or did you move through it like a zombie?

When you look back on this day are you proud of yourself?

Proud of what you accomplished in your external world
Proud of your steps to transform your internal world
Proud of how you connected with your spiritual world
Proud of yourself for even simply loving and taking time for self

Are you completing the day with that “YES!! I rocked today out and truly stepped up” mentality?

Or are you completing it with a numbing out the discontentment with a ton of television and social media?

A day doesn’t have to be externally productive to be an amazing and expansive day. In all honesty, our days of quiet self-contemplation can be just as powerful as our days of kicking ass and taking names.

The key is if you did what your core and soul were leading you to do today. If you can finish the day and know you did what was aligned for you to do throughout the day.

Be that checking off your “to do” list or daydreaming…
If it’s aligned then it’s important!

At the end of the day, YOU and ONLY YOU know if you did what was meant to be done.

The ego will try to sabotage this reflection!
?“You should have done more. You didn’t really need that full 15mins of quiet! You could have listened to some personal growth”
?“You had a long day. It’s okay that you didn’t get to what you wanted. I mean you totally deserve to binge on Netflix!”
?“I mean you can just do that tomorrow or next week”
?“What!!! you only got 15 out of the 50 things on your list done? So lazy!!! You are worthless”

The ego will lie but you know deep in your heart and soul the answer. The answer to if you feel expanded, connected, and like you answered the call of your soul.

Now, if the answer is NO… there is no need to beat yourself up but instead think about how you can face the day differently. More aligned tomorrow.

Now, if the answer is YES… then how can you continue to follow your heart and soul again tomorrow? Maybe even go deeper on that soul call.

No one else outside of yourself can measure how successful your day was but you.

Don’t give your power to people with faulty measuring sticks. But also don’t give the power to your ego with a false measuring stick.

No matter what…

Finish today with gratitude for the lessons and the blessings that were present throughout.
Finish the day with love towards yourself and all that you are.
You are an amazing

And your worth is never dependent upon what you do or do not do… you are enough just as you are and do not need to do or be anyone to receive.

But I desire for you to experience all the beauty and abundance of opening up to your soul goals. Which means to listen to your soul.

Choose to end today with love & start tomorrow with passion!!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!

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