“She only drinks coffee at midnight, when the moment is not
Right, her timing is quite unusual
You see her confidence is tragic, but her intuition magic
And the shape of her body unusual” -Train, “Meet Virginia”

I have always had a fascination for this song. Since I was a young girl riding the bus and hearing these lyrics for the first I felt like I “got” Virginia

So as I am driving down the road and song comes on I find myself belting it out with passion.

I sat and wondered why this particular song has always had space on my playlist. Then it hit me…

Since I was a child… yes a child. I adored how this woman is portrayed.

I love this song because it is all about a man that is recognizing all the beautiful, divine, and yet unique parts of this woman. It’s about how the quirkiness, the playfulness, and also the moments she only allows him see. It’s about all the imperfections… and how they create her perfection.

She is not typically “beautiful”. Actually, she is messy and complicated! Just like all women.

In today’s world that pushes women to fit the perfect mold.
Where we are constantly feeling pressure to be a million different things… a million different things but OURSELVES.

Telling us we will succeed, get the man, win the imaginary race if only we…

Lose weight
Wear more makeup
Speak differently
Show up differently
Act sexier
And on and on…

But in truth what makes us beautiful as women are often the areas we view as flaws. The areas that we suppress and hide from the world.

The quirkiness is our beauty!

I don’t know many women that haven’t looked up into the sky at some point…
Feeling at the end of their rope…
Not seeing their true magic
And wanted change in their lives.
Didn’t want to be seen for their perfections but wanted to be SEEN in their entirety… Quirks and all!

I don’t know many women that don’t want their partner to see a deeper side of them and love them despite their very “unpretty” moments.

It makes me sad that my 13yr old self could relate so much to this song but I think it is the heart cry of every woman and girl.

We want to be seen and we want to be seen deeply…
Even if that is the very thing we are scared
Even if we have blocks up a million inches deep
Even if we are in our masculine energy

We still want to be adored.
We still want to be appreciated.

I spent years of my life hating, and I truly do mean hating on myself and all my quirks. I was willing to kill myself to get what society deemed perfection. Whatever the f*ck that means!

And I know now….
Despite my moments of being hard on myself
Despite my occasional comparison with others
Despite sometimes not feeling as I fit in entirely

I love my quirks
I love my imperfections
I love how I laugh at all the wrong times
I love how I will break into random song
I love how the tiniest moment can bring emotion to my eyes
I love how I often say the WRONG thing
I love how I love big and wear it on my sleeve


And now I am blessed to work with women that are on this same journey. Working to expand themselves at a whole new level. Working to truly own themselves and embrace all the quirks.

And I am just as blessed to work with some amazing conscious men that see and adore these little quirks in their women.

A man that can see all these little points of beauty in his woman is a man that has done his inner work. And that, in my opinion, is a beautiful man!!!

Us women all have a little bit of Virginia in us!

The difference is that we can see it within ourselves.
We can own our own beauty and learn to view our own quirks as beautiful and a vital part of who we are!

As women, we don’t have to continue to look up at the sky and scream about all that is wrong…

No, because as soon as you begin accepting and loving yourself then life is so RIGHT

We can own that Queen energy
We can claim it, instead of pushing it away

It doesn’t mean we have to be hardened or do it all ourselves

NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
It means that we can be soft within self
It means that we are strong enough to let a man in and to let a man love us like this
It means that we love ourselves enough to hold our head up high, breasts out, eyes up and walk through our world with a passion for life! Orgasm for LIFE!

True LOVE for ourselves and all our intricacies.

Love you all!

Go live that deeply fulfilling life!!


Needing guidance in your self-love?
Want some ass-kicking to get you into deep desire?
Wanting to find more authenticity?

Until you begin to commit to your personal growth and desires they won’t commit to you.