???I pop something in the microwave to stay warm as I am cooking. I begin thinking back over my day. ???

I think about how it has truly been a microwave type of day!

Everyone wanting results NOW but not willing to put in the work. 
I can vividly see the face of one consult as I told him that three minutes of penetration with his woman isn’t going to cut it for her orgasm and that actually he needs to be spending 20-40 mins on her prior to any penetration!

??The look of shock would have been funny if it hadn’t have been so sad. ??
His response was that women were so time consuming and that he could have a “good” orgasm within a minute or two. Why can’t she??
?(FYI, no soul-shaking orgasm is fully created in ‘a minute or two’)?


“No one has time for that!!!” was his response to my suggestions.

That’s the problem though. We constantly walk around saying that we don’t have time. And thus we make it so…
We don’t take the time and then we live unfulfilled lives and wonder why.

Why our relationships are falling apart 
Why we never reach that goal 
Why our kids feel distant 
Why sex and everything else feels unfulfilling 
Why, why, why 

Usually pondered over during a TV commercial and/or surfing the internet.
It’s amazing how we find time for these things!

Though it’s not about the time. It’s about not wanting to put in the effort when it’s hard. When it’s not fun. Not easy. When you just want to quit.

Yes, the microwave is easy but it’s not going to get you to the gourmet meal!

??If something is important to you then put the time in!
??If you aren’t putting the time in then guess what???
You’re showing that it’s not important to you! ?

I suggest doing some deep journal work if you find yourself trying to microwave things that you claim are important.

And if you believe it IS important then where do you need to fix your priorities?
What is stopping you? Where are you running into your resistance? Where is your fear?

I can promise you journaling will give you some amazing insights!

Blissful Lives aren’t created in a Microwave! ?

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