“That’s indecent!”
Years ago when I started down my path of tantra, and then eventually opened my business, the above was stated to me over and over again.
Friends, family, and society was NOT okay with me embracing my sexuality in a public way.
Showing skin…
Talking about desires and pleasure…
And especially embracing sexual energies…
Was seen by many as indecent.
I was shamed by my surroundings in order to get me to comply.
And I refused!
I saw my path and my power and was determined to let it shine fully and that included lets my sex unleash.

Sex is a natural part of life and more than that it is a part of who we are as individuals.
Our sexual energy is required for us to live a fulfilling life.
Our sexual energy allows us to be creative, birth new ideas, desire, and find the joys and pleasure in life.
So many speak and preach about love but without the passion that comes from our sexual energy… well the love piece begins to fall short. Our energy centers are build on one another for a reason and that reason is that all energies are required.
Even in this day and age many look at their sex as something to be ashamed of and to be controlled at all costs.
I frequently hear clients telling me that they are fearful of feeling their own sexual energy for what it will “mean”, instead of being able to just feel the energy within and enjoy. Thinking often that to feel this intense energy means we must “do” something instead of simply experience it.
This is what often keeps people in the loop of quick “get-offs” and high ended climaxes that leave them ever hungry for MORE…
Because many never learn to simply sit and bask in these energies. Allowing their sex to build and their bodies to deepen into the sensations.
Allowing their energy to spread to their entire bodies and begin to truly heal them and satisfy them.
Instead we disown our sex and the sexual energies we hold and tamp them down or quickly disperse them before we truly have to FEEL the fire we hold inside.
Maybe thats the issue… we unconsciously see our own power and strength in our sex and so we choose to RUN. Run from our power and inner fires. Run from the things that make us want for more and is more aligned for our spirits.
When we are at our very best when we can embrace this piece of us in its entirety. We learn how to not just use our sex in the bedroom but we can use it at all times.
Reveling not just in the physical but truly in life itself!
Our whole powerful energy instead of short circuiting our wiring.
We shame our sex because we shame our power!
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