You have big goals, dreams, and desires for 2019.

THIS is going to be your year. Just like 2018 was going to be your year. And 2017. Oh, yeah and 2016. But none of these ended up being THE YEAR.

You have that deep yearning and ache in your chest.

You want it. You really truly do.

Your soul is calling for you to open yourself up to the aligned blissful life you were meant to lead.

In sex, In your relationships, In your business/career, and most importantly within yourself and your spirit.

But you sit there point fingers. Maybe not even consciously but still they point to everyone and everything else.

?You’re not having amazing orgasms because of your PARTNER.

?You’re not feeling good because of EVERYONE else’s negative energy.

?You’re not building that business or getting new client’s because your KIDS are taking your energy.

?You’re not finding amazing relationships because MEN/WOMEN these days are crazy.

But what about…

?Your responsibility for your own orgasmic energy

?Your negative energy that you are sending out to attract negative energy

?Your allowing of others to consume your focused time

?Your own “crazy” and thoughts and ego

It’s easy to look outside of ourselves and blame others for the reasons we are not showing up and being seen in our lives.

It’s also easy to fall back on spiritual ideals and use them to back your lack of showing up… things being not aligned, the full moon, being in flow, negative energies, and something not being in your vibration.

Sometimes these are true BUT many times they are simply and excuse. An excuse to not do the things your soul is calling you to do. An excuse to stay comfortable. An excuse to not truly commit to yourself, your life, your dreams.

I don’t believe that you have to “work hard” for your dreams, goals and desires.

However you do have to show-up.

And many times that showing up process can be reflected in the physical every day things because this is the way in which we are putting energy forth.

It’s not the “work” itself but that energy of stepping in!

But instead you blame others and life for you not stepping up to that life you desire. Creating thus more negative energy.

Maybe look at all the ways all these situations, people, and things could actually be on the flip-side helping you or find gratitude. Stop blaming. The truth is that maybe… quite possibly…most certainly that you are the problem in your own life.

Nothing or no one else.

If you’re not showing up for your life.

That’s cool… it’s okay… no need to tear yourself apart because that won’t do you any good. But acknowledging it is imperative.

You don’t even have to change it but you have to acknowledge it. That YOU are the one making choices not for your highest and greatest good. That YOU are choosing not to show up for your life. That YOU are the creator of your life and all that is in your life.

Even the energy of acknowledging it will transform some fo the energy.

We all have places and times in our lives where we shrink and choose not to show-up. Welcome to be a beautiful, messy, egoic, human!

But let’s go back to those dreams you have deep in your heart. The things that I know your soul is yearning to have.

Aren’t they worth stepping up for? Aren’t they worth letting go of the B.S. blaming excuses? They are within your heart for a reason and are your to claim.

But if you continue to allow yourself to not show up then when you close your eyes or tune into your heart you will again and again be welcomed by the life you’re not showing up for!

What would your life look like if you chose to show up for yourself? What is one simple way you can chose to show-up for self for just the remainder of the year? Only a few days!

And more than that… where is one place that you are choosing to put the blame on others instead of owning your choice to not show up loud and proud?

I desire for you all to make THIS truly the best year yet!

I desire and know that this is going to be my best year and look forward to you joining me.

Sending you all…

~Love, Light, & Blessings,~