Whether I am working with my clients, talking to friends and family, or doing my own personal work, one thing we at some point must see is how our relationships are our mirrors. There are mirrors that make us smile with joy at the beauty within. There are mirrors that make us shameful, fearful, and angry. There are mirrors that we try to cover up and mirrors that we cling too but in the end all our relationships mirror us in some way.

What we see depends on us. Others in our lives will mirror our level of self-love, our internal struggles, our beliefs, and insecurities.  If we are able to see and acknowledge the mirror then we can heal it. If we see our soul lesson that is being provided by this other person then we end up leaning into true acceptance and unconditional love. If we see our mirror then we grow and become more aware and compassionate by acknowledges all aspects of ourselves.

Though often the mirror is too hard to acknowledge. If what we see is not one a positive aspect of self we then unconsciously blame and project our issues onto those around us. We look at our spouse and see them as angry when they are just mirroring our internal state. We look at our child that is needy and they drive us up the wall because it reminds us of our own neediness. Or we project past relationship characteristics on a current relationship while not recognizing the true difference of the relationships but instead choose to use that mirror or projection to heal our past wounds in the now.

Though when we allow these projections and mirroring to continue we never actually have to face ourselves and thus never have to grow. It truly takes courage to look at the light and shadow of one’s self. Though it can appear easier in the long run to avoid this mirror, overall it makes our lives much more challenging. We end up losing relationships that could have been deeply beautiful and healing relationships. We create negative energy in our energy field because we build up resentments. We lean on assumptions and jump to conclusions that are not in alignment with truth. We miss seeing our beauty as well because we are determined to not see it in others.

In the end a disconnection from our healthy mirrors without leaning and learning only leads us to a place of disconnection from self that we have lovingly excused with bubbled wrapped BS.

Instead though we have the choice to consistently evaluate all the relationships in our lives and see what lesson they have for us. To see what they are mirroring back to us about ourselves and what aspects within us we could be projecting on them.

The beauty is once we acknowledge it then the Universe will help to heal it. Once that lesson has been seen, acknowledged, and healed then the relationship will transform. The energy of acknowledgement and acceptance of your lesson can change a relationship overnight.

I challenge you to look at where your mirroring and projecting in your relationships and where you can begin on the quest to learn your soul lessons. Not for a faint of heart but well worth the exploaration!