You beautiful have this amazing vibrant energy inside of you and it is desiring to be unleashed into this world.

It is clawing and gnawing from your soul and is demanding to be recognized. It is that part of you that you still keep chained up, small, and push to the side. It is the aspects of you that you label as “too much” or “not enough”.

It is your very light my dear.
Though you continue to push it away and hide. Pretending you don’t hear it’s call. Pretending you don’t feel the spark or see the visions of stepping fully in within your minds-eye.

Pretending, Resisting, and Pushing it down.

Fully disconnecting from your soul.
You have it locked down so tight that instead of unleashing your light…
You are unleashing… mundane, boring, or even damaging energies. You are unleashing energies that will continue to call in the same old thing.

Not busting you out but instead burying you deeper.

Wondering why you are uninspired.
Wondering where your passion went.
Wondering why things seem to be falling apart
You are ALWAYS unleashing
You are human BEAUTIFUL… and humans are always unleashing something.

But you aren’t unleashing your beautiful self.

You aren’t tuning into that deeper divine soul within.

You feel the pulls and the tugs but you remain chained.
You unleash more of the chains.

When all you need to do is make one different choice.
Choose one thing today to unleash a deeper part of you…
to break the chains just a little bit.

And then ask yourself what the next thing is…

Do you need to unleash some new project at work that you’ve been fearful of stepping into?
Do you need to unleash words that you’ve been holding back in your relationship?
Do you need to unleash some time in your day to move your self forwards…

Or do you simply need to stop, breathe deep, and release your heart and a more soul-aligned energy?

And if you are sitting there thinking…. “but I don’t know what needs to be unleashed today”

If you are feeling that disconnected…
That lost…
That uncertain…
Then remember that choosing not to move is still unleashing. You are always unleashing.

So just try something!
Something that feels just a little more freeing.
Something that makes you a little more joyful inside.
Something that allows you to connect with yourself just a little more than you were yesterday.

Small movement over time turns into huge moves

The passion will return
The connection to self will return
The true soul-inspired actions are there for the taking

As long as you keep tuning in and touching base with self.

And then you will find yourself UNLEASHING what feels like your heart and soul, into the world, each and every day…


Imagine that level of unleashing self!
Of feeling free!
Of living from SOUL!!

❤️❤️Its there for the taking beautiful ❤️❤️

Stop faking it and start living it!


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