What if J.K. Rowling gave up and listened to all the rejection letters. Never started writing those notes on a napkin about a character named Harry Potter?

The world would be missing out on a series that has given such joy and imagination to people old and young. It would have never inspired so many to pick up a book and go inside to see a world within their own mind!

What if Oprah had heeded what everyone else was telling her about how she needed to do it the way everyone else in the industry was doing it? If she never stepped out of line and into what she saw for herself?

The world would be missing out on messages that have helped inspire people and at times save people. The world would never have been introduced to so many leaders and visionaries in the same manner.

What if YOU, yes YOU, gave up trying to walk after those first few falls? If you had made the decision that this “walking thing” was only for those much taller and bigger than you?

All the things you never would have experienced and more than that but all the other things that would have led to you giving up on in your world. All the elements of joy and love you never would have pushed through to give to the world.


You CAN give up. It is always an option.
But that is not who you are!

You are the type that keeps going when things get challenging and you feel that fear begin to work itself into your heart.

You know that you have greatness inside of you and you know in your very heart of hearts that you were meant for so much more in all areas of your life. You feel the nudges in the very depths of your soul.

You might not know the HOW.
And that’s truly the least of your worries.
You don’t need to know the how to’s and have it all figured out.
You simply need to trust yourself.
You need to CLAIM your place in this world and OWN that you are making a difference and have so much more of a difference to make.

You sit there pondering if you should go back to average and ordinary. In so many ways it would be safer and easier. Never truly shining. Never truly sharing. Never being seen.

Stealing your gifts from this world.

This would thus have a ripple effect into the world. Changing literally ALL of time by stealing gifts that were meant to be born. Almost some weird science fiction time traveler shit.

And yet it would nag at you until the end of your days that you didn’t go “all in” and that the light you were meant to share never got shared. In truth, you would no longer be YOU…

Because, you dear, the you I know and love, doesn’t give up!

Nope, you might pause and breathe and gather self but you DON’T give up!

You know that the times when you have kept your faith and continued to be persistent in the face of what you knew was yours… it always worked out for the best. It always expanded you in beautiful ways and allowed you to see a deeper part of self.

I mean think… really think about all that you have already birthed into the world. All the beauty that you have given to a world that always needs more love, more faith, and more light.

It would be easy to throw in the towel but once you finally own what you were meant for…

Not just half-way but truly stepped into it in your mind and in every part of your life…

It will all blossom out before you!!!

And in more magnificent ways than you have ever imagined possible. The Universe rewards a stubborn heart that keeps it’s faith and stays in that yummy positive vibration even when reality is trying to pull them down.

Don’t let reality pull you down.

You are so very close to having everything you’ve ever wanted if you just hold tight to your dreams and all the little moments of beauty in your life.

You have such a gift to share with this world!!!

And I am ECSTATIC to watch it unfold

But it all comes down to YOU.
YOU must believe in yourself
YOU must hold the faith
YOU must keep opening your heart to your own gifts

It’s there…

Don’t steal from this world.
You aren’t that kind of person!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,

We are moving through this year incredibly fast. Are you going to sit around and continue to push your dreams out. Not claim them today. Keep wishing and hoping instead of taking action.

Of course now!!!

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