Where are you validating your own shit??

We all do it. 
It is how we continue to make similar events happen over, and over, and over in our lives…

Why does this always happen?
Why do I keep pulling this same situation into my life?

One word: Programs!

Yes, you have programs. I have programs. We all have inner programs that our ego strives to validate throughout our lives until we choose to consciously change them. 

And there are times when a program has been with us for so incredibly long that it is one of those core pieces that we will have to keep coming back to healing. Now it’s up to YOU and only you at what level you keep coming back to this program.

We can either keep spinning at the same vibrational level with our programs or we can face them… do our work… and then heal them at a deeper level each time we come back around to see them. 

I like to think of it as a spiral staircase where you may come back to the same point in the room but you have a different viewpoint and perspective. 

Now as far as pulling similar things into our lives…

We have constant programs running in our lives. Some are actually programs that can push us forwards. While others we can get stuck in and allow us to hold us back. 

* I always get what I want and things work out
* I am unloveable and no one wants me
* Money is never a problem
* I am never alone
* I am not good enough
* I am always right 
* Work is hard
* Being an adult is difficult

Etc. etc. etc.

Though our ego’s want to constantly validate these programs. So if you feel like you are unloveable then you will always be picking out the moments where something happens to validate this point. And it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy within your relationships.

If your program is that people are untrustworthy… BAM you will have people all around you that aren’t trustworthy. 

Though if we get really familiar with our programs and how they show themselves in our lives then we can see them as they begin to unfurl into our lives. We can first notice them coming up within our psyches and then we can make conscious effort to focus in elsewhere. 

And if we don’t catch them in the moment because lets be honest… we are human and we miss stuff all the time. Then after the fact we can acknowledge where a program took control and we chose to ride away with it into the negative sunset!

So small story… Yesterday I was sharing how I was feeling and how I was upset at myself for how I showed up in a certain area of my life in 2018. In total introverted ego. When I was promptly and metaphorically batted up side the head by my mentor. “You’ve always had that program and you are just using all the events of last year to simply validate it”.

Ouch that kind of hurt. I think I need some ice for my head! ?

But it was true. I have always carried this one program around with me since before I can remember. And I had let it play out within me once again in several several relationships and connections throughout the last year. To the point that I know it has to be looked at and… I feel I am being presented by my guides/angels a chance to change this program or possibly stay stuck in it forever. 

So we have a choice in these moments. Look at the external situations and continue to validate. OR look for the spiritual lesson. Look for where you can start invalidating that program. 

It’s got to be a conscious effort and choice because our programs want to hold firm. They don’t want to budge because as difficult as they may be and as much junk they can pull into our lives… the fact is they are comfortable. 

They are comfortable because our ego’s desire to be validated in whatever form possible. We get oh so comfy with our programs and decide to snuggle down with them and stay comfortable. 

And in essence we stay small. We stay narrow minded. And usually we end up pushing away a TON of good stuff in order to continue to validate these programs. 

What are your programs?
What are the patterns you have seen in your life? 
Where do you find yourself running in circles?
There is a program behind it!! 

Become curious. Witness it. 
And then stop feeding it. 
Make a choice to choose again when it appears. 

I’m sending all you lovelies

Love, Light, & Blessing!
~ Addison ~ 

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